Hello year 6!

Dear Year 6

I hope you had a fantastic summer holiday and that you got a chance to watch some of the olympics. Listening to the interviews with the athletes really got me thinking. It turns out that anyone who is willing to work hard, try their best and not give up can improve their performance. Well it is exactly the same with music!


Years ago some people thought that only some people were good at music. Science tells us that this is wrong. EVERYONE can be brilliant at music as long as they have a go! One of the side effects of working hard at music means it improves your maths skills and your literacy. I promise you it is true! if you want the evidence then have a look at this link https://www.education.gov.uk/publications/standard/AllPublications/Page1/DFE-00086-2011


There is also scientific evidence that music can make you happier! Singing cheers people up spectacularly!


This year in music we are going to be singing, investigating chimebars , playing osinatos, writing songs, learning about Mozart, blogging and experimenting with garageband.


What you think about our music lessons matters to me. I would love to know what you think about music – what you like/don’t like about our lessons and any personal ambitions you have for yourself. Do you play any instruments at home? Do you have favourite music that you like to listen to? Is there anything you are dying to have a go at at school?


I really enjoyed our music lessons last year. My highlights were the djembe sessions, the young song leaders concert and the song writing lessons. The lessons went so quickly and I feel that I didn’t get to know you all as much as I wanted. This year I am determined to be a better listener and find out more about the music you like!


You can leave me a comment on the blog or send me a note – its up to you!


Im really looking forward to hearing from you!


Best wishes,

Mrs Schneider


PS – anyone here a fan of the Nerdfighters? Have a look at this message to John Green has left to American school kids as they return to school. i think it is impressive πŸ™‚


27 thoughts on “Hello year 6!

  1. hey i found out how to make a comment yay me!!!!!!!! I think this blog is great! πŸ˜€


  2. At home, I play the Ukulele and the Keyboard. A man inspired me to play the Ukulele,but sadly pasted away. I like playing around this blog and I like playing with other instruments too.


  3. At home i play piano and the guitar. Playing them are my favorite thing to do. my sister inspiredme to play the piano and guitar.


  4. this is such a great instructor know one will be able to reach ur standards!!!!!
    i love music and i love school WHOOOOOOO!!!!!


  5. I like how you compare music to sport and I never knew that music improves you’re learning skills


  6. I think that the blog is good because anyone can see videos and write comments of what you think.


  7. Thank you mrs shinider i do really enjoy music because they are really fun, thank you for your help in lessons that are fablous! i really like to listem to music, i do play on a instrument at home.It’s a recorder, i do really enjoy playing on it! thank you for everything. πŸ™‚


  8. I think that if you try hard at music you can acheve more in you singing lessons.


  9. hi miss i like this blog it is amazing my favourite singers are adele and moroon 5 i want to composse music online like you can at st phils thanks


  10. hello year 6 were back at music again having fun bloging i enjoyed the olympics


  11. hi alicia here
    what i love about music
    i love singing
    my fave song is
    we are never getting together


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