Home made instruments

Year 4 have been making musical instruments as part of their science work. Today they brought them along to the music room. The children chose the songs that they wanted to play.

I think they did a fantastic job! I made a few videos of them for you to watch.

10 thoughts on “Home made instruments

  1. Wow, you have made some amazing instruments! I particularly like the guitars and the recorder style instrument. I can see you have worked really hard at these and should be very proud of your creations – thank you for sharing them with us and I might even try making them with children in my school!


    • I’m always happy for you to use the music room but you have to check with Mr D if he is happy for you to use it when I’m not there.


  2. Excellent Year 4…..thank you for sharing your skills and amazing talent…we are all enjoying your videos at schoolfriendclub….please keep them coming


  3. Fabulous year 4 – very impressive! How did you make such wonderful music out of an old chocolate box? Wow! you will have to teach me!


  4. A lot of innovative music making and music making machines. I particularly like the home made guitar band, but all the instruments were well worked and some really surprised me, I didn’t know you could make your own pan pipes.


  5. Well done year 4 I’m very impressed with your instruments, great sound. You must be very proud. Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Malone


  6. Well done, Year four- your instruments looks great and sound even better! Very inventive!


  7. Fantastic!!! Well done to each and everyone of you. They are amazing and so are you. #veryproudoFOURyear


  8. Y4 I’m impressed by your music, art and design skills. Quite an orchestra of musical instruments here and you all sound great! Well done in your achievements and efforts


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