How can we arrange this lovely song?

Hi year 4,

I was really impressed with how clearly you learnt the song “By the waters”. I have posted up a clip of us singing so that we can work out what we need to do next to make this a performance piece.

Here are some questions for you to consider

1. How do the lyrics sound to you? Can you understand the words clearly? Do the words convey the right emotions?

2. What about the begining and end? Could we arrange it differently?

3. What about the dynamics? Is the volume the same all the way through? could we use different volume levels to make it more interesting for our listeners.

4. Any other suggestions?

So, put your thinking caps on. Leave me some comments. We will use the suggestions left below to create a new recording next week and then we can compare and contrast!

36 thoughts on “How can we arrange this lovely song?

  1. Thank-you for everything and I also think that we should sing the song from quite to a bit loud and the part when it says ”Water”, that part should be the most import bit in the whole song!


  2. Thank you, for your lovely comments we will try very hard to improve are songs and it will sound beautiful with instruments.


  3. I think that we should split into 2 groups and 1 group could sing high and the other group sing low.





  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments, we will try our best to improve our work and maybe add some instruments as we sing.


  6. It was a great performance but there could be parts when they could add insruments


  7. Thank you everyone, your comments were wonderful we will try and add really quiet dynamics. I also like the idea of changing the tempo




  9. Thanks for comenting Y4 music we will try to polish it up more and add a high group and low group.


  10. thank you for all these great songs.i think these songs are very useful.i think we need to practice more thank you


  11. We could change our timing and one group could start and then the next group start when the other group is in the chorus.


  12. Thank you for all your comments ,I think we should go low when the 1st group go and high for the last group


  13. It was a very good performance. I liked the part when one half sang first then the other half sang when the first half sang “we sat down and wept and wept” We could improve by adding musical instruments.


  14. Thank you for commenting on Y4’s singing piece I will try to do everything you said


  15. Maybe you could use some kids to do solos.
    Maybe you could do some parts were the song stops and we can play the rest of the song with the instruments.



  16. Might put the choruss first – start by singing “we remember” mediud volume

    make 2 groups


  17. Thank you, for your lovely comments we will try to make a better video and it would be great to add some instruments


  18. Thank you all for your comments we will improve our songs . We could have some solos.


  19. Hi Year 4,

    Well done! Your recording shows great potential and it’s clear that you have worked hard. I was wondering whether you could make more of the words? How about trying to attack the consonants a bit more? This might give it more shape too. And when you sing “wept”, can you try and weep?! I think these are hard things to achieve (my secondary students still struggle!!) but I think you can do it.

    I look forward to hearing your next version.

    Ms Doan 🙂


  20. Hi Year 4, thanks so much for letting me listen. I think you are making really good progress with your singing. The first thing that is very good is your diction – I can hear your words clearly. The second thing I really like is how you phrase the lines ‘we sat down and wept, and wept, for thee Zion’ . You’ve captured the words beautifully because I feel sad listening to the words ‘wept’. The thing I think you can work on a bit more is to listen more carefully to each other and try and blend your voices together so you sound like one big voice and it’s hard to pick anyone out. Finally your pace is lovely and you start and end in the same key which is really hard to do when there are no instruments playing with you – this is impressive! Shelly Ambury from Sing Up


  21. Hello Year 4

    Great song and a terrific performance! Your words are super-clear. I wonder if you might use some really quiet dynamics at times to make it dramatic. I also wonder whether the humming that you do in the intro and outro might fit under the words, as an ostinato. I look forward to hearing your next version!


    • I thought that we could change the rhythm, melody and sound for the new version.


  22. Hello Year 4,
    I am very impressed by this performance and I think I will have to let my own Y4 class have a listen. Your diction/enunciation is great. I can hear every word. I wonder if you could try a crescendo on “we remember” to add more interest for the listener?


  23. Hello Year 4. Well done on your singing; I was very impressed. I particularly liked the piece where some of you were singing ‘The Waters of Babylon’ whilst the rest of you were singing other words. For a suggestion, could the tempo be changed?


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