Jazzified nursery rhymes

Year 5 have been experimenting with elements of jazz. They were so inspired by the fantastic Lincoln Jazz centre workshop they attended. When we got back to class we had a go at improvising, exploring swing and taking it in turns to scat. I challenged them to use those elements to create a jazz version of a nursery rhyme. Have a listen to what these cool cats from Year 5 came up with. It is all their own work. I am so impressed with how creative they were in such a short space of time. There was some great teamwork going on!

Please have a listen and leave a comment below.

Twinkle yeah!

Row row row, row ow row ro row

Baa, Baa-Baa

Who’s that?

London Bridge

Duke Remix

Star Power


We are really looking forward to meeting the musicians from Lincoln jazz when we have our second workshop in July

7 thoughts on “Jazzified nursery rhymes

  1. thank you the years that we have with you miss Schneider.I really like the carman topic with I’m really looking foward to year 6.


    • It’s my pleasure Ashley. I really enjoy teaching year 5


  2. Wow! These were fantastic! I like how you all made something so old and traditional new, different and exciting. Row Row Row was probably my favourite but all were really good. Well done Year 5.


  3. Great to see everyone inspired by Lincoln Jazz!

    I love the Jazzified nursery rhymes. it would be great to test them out on children further down the school. I can’t wait to see how this develops following the next jazz workshop.

    Mr. Dachtler


    • What a good idea Mr Dachtler! I’m going to ask Mre Williams to play them to reception.


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