John Kanaka

I know that lots of you love singing John Kanaka. Did you know it is quite an old song and there are lots of different versions of it? Have a look at these videos. Which one do you prefer?

13 thoughts on “John Kanaka

  1. This is a really fun and uplifting song and i realled enjoyed listening to it.


  2. I loved the flight of a bumblebee with minnie mouse it was really funny


  3. All the songs were fantastic and I want to listen to them again.Thank you very much for the songs for me to watch.


  4. The John Nakkak song is so funny, the chours is so funny as well . I can remeber it as well becuase it is so catchy.


  5. I think the song is really american.,the verses lure the people into the song.


  6. I like all of the versions but I really like the sing up version because I think the actions represent what the song is about and I like the tune to it. 🙂


  7. I’m loving the john kanaka song it’s stuck in my head ‘john kanaka -tui-lai-ai’.


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