John Kanakanaka

We sing this song in school. It is sung all over the world. Which of these versions do you prefes?


2 thoughts on “John Kanakanaka

  1. Dear Sue,Pete and Adam
    We want to THANK YOU FOR letting us sing at the Royal Albert Hall !

    Diya 5s : thank you for letting us going to sing and I loved it this was the most memorable experience I’ve ever had in a one and a life time opportunity once again thank you so much and my favourite part was the whole thing

    Zuzia:thank you so much for letting us sing at the Royal Albert Hall it was very interesting but it also was tie ring My favarite moment was at the end when we sung back to the source we had a whole lot of fun practiceing nearly every day we really appreciate the opportunity it really was a once in a lifetime one

    Deborah: We also thank you for the hard work that was put into this to make the best show, it made me very happy to experience such an amazing moment so again for the hard work THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 🙂 🙂


  2. In the one where they use the cups, imagine the practice. It must be hard to keep the rhythm, sing and manage to aim the cup when throwing it to the first person. IT’S AMAZING!!!


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