Last Year! Ring Around The World!!

Remember last year when we went to the unicorn theatre and peformed an Anguilla dance. It was quite fun but embarrasing wasn’t it!

If you want to see the video, click this below.



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Well, my name is Jeffrey and I love blogging which is a good thing to do in your spare time.Blogging is a kind of thing you can easily do that doesn’t need any HARD thinking but you have to think what you write before you post it or your blog and post will be ruined, just becasue of one little post.

My hobby is playing football and I am dreaming of being a football player in a famous team, for istance: Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Man City, Man Utd or Bayern Munich.


4 thoughts on “Last Year! Ring Around The World!!

  1. I remember when we went to the unicorn theatre it was real fun. I was really nervous to speakand dance but , it was fun.


    • Thank you Christabel! But don’t you know that your link is the same one as my link.


    • People can find where it is on youtube!!


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