Learning to play the violin

Mrs MacGregor and I have been really impressed with year 5. They are making fantastic progress with the violin. This is now our third week and we have to make sure that EVERYONE

1. Knows the note names of the open strings
2. Has practiced holding the bow correctly.

Just in case you may have forgotten have a look at this picture and make sure you know the names off by heartviolin_strings

Remember the song we sing to help us remember?

Elephants, elephants elephants eat
Apples, apples apples, they eat them every
Day, day, day, as long as they are
Green, green, green

I am looking forward to seeing who knows all the open string note names in our next lesson!

The next thing you have to practise is using a pencil to perfect your bow hold.

Please do this EVERY single day and we promise you you will make faster progress!

bow hold

You should all be very proud of the progress you are making. Make no mistake, learning the violin is tricky. However if you persevere you will get better!

Your class teachers have very kindly agree to let you practise the bow grip using a pencil every time you call the register so make sure you help each other to do it perfectly!

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