“Let me hear your hot potato!”

This warm up from Sing up is a firm favourite with year 2. Dont they do it brilliantly?

24 thoughts on ““Let me hear your hot potato!”

  1. AHHHH! He was so cute! I thought
    he was amazing! I really think that
    people should appricaite your work


  2. Ahhhhhh that’s so cute I love him singing that song tell him that it was the cutest song I have ever heard


    • Thanks Joe for taking the time to leave a comment.


  3. Wow year 2 did an outstanding performance. I hope they can do something like this again. Well done to Mrs Schneider for arranging all of this.


  4. Wow!!! What a brilliant performance, well done Year 2!!! Super proud of you Jaden and everyone.


  5. Wow I really liked it Jayden and the rest of you I really wanted to be in that lesson Maja


  6. dear Mrs Schneider sorry but this is not linked to the subject but i enjoyed the hot potato this is about the echoes song i did not know where to post this sorry. I just wanted to let you know that the echoes song is just fab . it is a relaxing type of music.


    • No problem!

      Echoes has its own page. See if you can find it!

      Thanks for leaving your comment.


  7. Well done Year 2 – looks like another great music lesson!
    I was very impressed with your confident singing!


  8. …..and well done to the rest of Y2 class so well behaved….very impressed!


  9. I am now so hungry I am going to have to go home and have a Hot Potato, so lively and ennervating.


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