Magic Piano and the Chopin Shorts

imageToday year 6 are going to be watching the movie “Magic Piano” by BreakThru Films.

They have been studying Chopin and created their own amazing short films using a Chopin etude as the inspiration.

Read the comments below for their reviews of the Magic Piano.

49 thoughts on “Magic Piano and the Chopin Shorts

  1. I like music! I like your teaching And the recorder lessons I like to play A recorder and I have a recorder at home as I already told you I can bring the recorder as you said before .


  2. i think that movie was amazing because its a suprise when the dad came back and dropped his bags to hug the girl.

    i rate it 9/10


  3. The atmosphere goes really well with the music and so does the body language, is like the music tells its own story.


  4. Hi i loved that film so much it was amazing i loved the bit were the girl and boy are on the piano and there off to see the father.i have question is the women the father and dather went to and the girl stayed is that the mother of the girl or not and if she is then is the brother of the girl

    i rate it a 10 out of 10


  5. This Chopin-Based Musical Animation Clearly Portrayed The Relationship between a young girl and her father~


  6. After watching the mini movie (magic piano) i realized that you should make every second count and never let out all your anger on someone elses it could cause much bigger fights. The meaning of this movie is that you should always think about the future


  7. That was really AMAZING! It was really sad that Ann had to leave her dad. Despite that, everything sounded in tune πŸ™‚


  8. My favourite scene was at the end where the tried to make the magic piano until the dad came and they started hugging.:) <3


  9. I loved how good the music Chopin played it really matched the pictures. My favourite character was the free runner.


  10. .The music was good with the movie because when Anna went down the stairs the piano was like going down stairs


  11. The movie was all in all outstanding . Animations really fit with the music and are really sentimental. They contain lots of emotion and touched my heart . An amazing job and lots of hard work must have been put into this to make it so perfect .My favourite part was how the music was flowing and perfectly in time with the animations.


  12. The music in the film was ever so elegant and gracious: very peaceful. The music matched the atmosphere of the scene(s). I could watch it over and over again…


    • Actually John, I thought the film was very action packed , I mean throughout the film there were lots of twists and turns making the film very dramatic and action packed.


  13. This animation is very life changing because it explains a lot in just actions. I look forward to seeing another clip in the future.


  14. I absolutely loved ‘The Magical Piano’- The Chopin really fit in well with the emotions the characters had felt. One of my favorite scenes was when Anna- the main character- had returned home, to find the little boy holding out her postcard. It shows their friendship and how it had grown throughout their journey. 5, stars- it’s really enjoyable <3 πŸ™‚


  15. I like the music because it goes very well with the setting
    I also liked the actions of the characters. :d


  16. I think that the music video was amazing and i loved how they postioned the characters with the music.

    I rate it 10/10


  17. After watching the movie i found the movie very interesting because of how the music was working with the action and I enjoyed EVERY SECOND OF IT.


  18. I like it when the girl and the boy are on Chopin’s piano and that use to be his old piano


  19. Personally, think he Chopin music really fits in with the scenery of the film especially when Anna went down the stairs and he music just wen along with the film which really changed he atmosphere


  20. The music composed by Chopin suited the film and blended into the background.The film had a sad story with a happy ending.I enjoyed the film and the music.


  21. I think that the movie clearly portrayed the fact that Chopin was a great music composer and musician as the movie showed clips of instruments such as the piano and the five bars relating to the five lines of music.


  22. i thought that the music really fit into the actions of the short film and it really changed the atmosphere.


  23. This movie was amazing. The Chopin music went really well with the movie which gave it a great emotion and feeling.


  24. Amazing, the movie constructed by you portrayed sadness and reunion. Moreover, the feelings of the characters were shown vividly during this. It was really meaningful.


  25. I loved the short film it really described what was happening in the story, I hope that this film will be very successful in the future


  26. The movie was very dramatic and abrupt which made me get on the edge of my seat. It made me very curious of what would happen next. This was an amazing movie and I would recommend it for anyone.


  27. I really liked it how the movie portrayed the music and how it fitted with each scene like when she was running down the stairs; also in each scene they hid the name of the piece of music and they showed clues for music. I give it a 5 star and at the end it was a bit sad but it was AMAZING! πŸ™‚


  28. I think the Movie was outstanding,The animation was great because it went well with the music.=^-^=


  29. the chopin music matched the animated movie for an example when anna ran down the stairs the music matched her footsteps


  30. The music that chopin provided the film with,the tension and the calmness during the film. I liked it anyway.


    • Thanks Michelle. Is it all classical piano music you don’t particularly like or just Chopin?


  31. I really liked the way the music blended in with the characters feelings and emotions. It helped me understand what they felt inside. the music fitted great with the movie


  32. I honestly have to say that the movie was AMAZING!, and also It felt like the music was telling the story.


    • What did you think of the ending?


  33. It was genius.The movie clearly portrayed the characters emotions by using Chopins music.It had a good rhythm and great timing.


    • I totally agree Ben! I liked the way that you could tell what emotions the characters were felling through the greatly composed music. I rate it a 10/10. πŸ™‚


  34. I think the music was in a good rhythm with the music and it was also very good with the emotions of the characters.


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