9 thoughts on “Making stop go animations

  1. This will really help me for the stop go animation in class! It has given me lots of ideas on what to do.Thank you!


  2. These videos helped me create stop-motion videos for myself and others. Tahnks for the tip!


  3. Wow! That’s awesome and now that I know how to do a stop motion video I’ll try it. Thank you 🙂


  4. I want to say that this was a great video to watch because I am very interested in stop-motion animation and made my very own Lego one . This video has helped me because I need a storyboard to help me create my video that I am making in year six for my Chopin piece . This will now encourage other people to create many
    other stop motion animations .


  5. Hey Mrs Schneider thank you for the tips and tricks for stop and go animation . Its is really good for putting up these videos for our lesson today so me and my team would present and show you a nice animation for your blog

    Thank you

    From John


  6. Mrs Schneider thank you for the amazing links and tips you gave.
    This helps me because i am really bad at anime.



  7. This will really help me in music for making our stop motion video even though we are not doing it in clay


  8. Nice video! This video is very useful for me as me and some other friends of mine are going to be doing a whiteboard animation. Great video and keep up the good work! 😉


  9. Thank Mrs Schneider for the useful tips and tricks for making stop animation for our lesson today!


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