Masterclass in conducting.

Teamwork is very important in music making. We need to collaborate and work as a team to make our music sound good. Team work is also part of our school ethos.

Please watch this year 2 class work together showing excellent teamwork. I am especially impressed with the conductor who did a very good job. Look how carefully he counts, makes eye contact with his musicians and gives clear signals.

This is impressive year 2

2 thoughts on “Masterclass in conducting.

  1. I LOVE it! I was particularly struck by the falling harmony on the boom whackers and how well you all watched the conductor. He was very clear, wasn’t he? The piece had a very nice introduction on the tuned percussion too, AND you managed to play and sing at the same time.

    What a talented bunch and what a great team! I can’t wait to hear from more of your singing and playing later in the term.

    Thanks for sharing – your music really made me smile!


  2. Very nice conducting! I’m
    Impressed with how well you watch each other – both the conductor and the musicians. Music is about communication too and I can see that you are using your hands, eyes and ears to communicate –
    Well done,
    Nice work.


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