Meet a young violinist – Tamil style

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Keerthana was very excited when she learned that year 5 as going to be taking part in a special violin project because she has just started to learn the violin. She goes to a Tamil school on saturdays and this September began learning to play the violin. This is the book she is using.

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Keerthana is learning to play in a Tamil style which uses a different scale to the ones we often use in school. Before she begins her practise she always starts off with a musical prayer. Have a listen

Once she has played this she then moves on to her practise.

It is very difficult to play the violin but I think that Keerthana has got off to a great start!

Mrs MacGregor, our violin tutor, was in school today measuring up 5C class for their violins. Next week is 5A’s turn.

Don’t forget to make a start on your homework! I know a couple of you have already finished it. here is Keerthanas

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2 thoughts on “Meet a young violinist – Tamil style

  1. Thankyou Mrs Thomas for your comment. I am also looking forwards for the performance. I hope you would like it. By Keerthana V


  2. How wonderful to hear of your dedication to practise Keerthana. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing and hearing you perform in school.
    Well done! Mrs Thomas


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