Meet our first flautist!

Honey (2)

Honey had an ambition. She wanted to learn how to play the flute. Unfortunately she didn’t know anyone who could teach her but she didn’t give up. She looked on YouTube and taught herself how to get a sound. What she really wanted though was proper lessons. When we started the after school music clubs she was very excited but sadly NOONE else in the school wanted flute lessons so we were unable to arrange lessons for just 1 pupil. Even though she was disappointed she still didn’t give up!

We have been able to arrange for Honey to go to Merton Music Foundation Saturday music school to try out 10 flute lessons. Honey tells me she really enjoyed it and she has already been able to play a “B”.

I think that we should wish Honey luck as begins to learn and congratulate her on her determination to not give up!

Are you as determined as Honey? Is there a musical instrument you would really like to learn? What are you prepared to do to make it happen?

Come and see me in the music room and we will see what we can do!

Well done to all the children who turned up to after school music clubs & lessons. I was especially pleased that every single ukulele player had brought their ukulele in with them.

22 thoughts on “Meet our first flautist!

  1. So happy to read this story. Well done Honey for following your musical dreams. You are an inspiration for all the other young people, (or even the older ones) who follow up on their talents and make the world a brighter place.


  2. Well done Honey I remember when you told me that you had a flute and now you are playing . Never give up and you will one day be professional GOOD LUCK!!!


  3. Well done honey! . I think youve done a good thing to never give up and I think if more people did this , more people will know more instruments. I really hope you learn a song and maybe Mrs Schneider will record it and put it on the blog! .


  4. Thank you for the comment and it is a Dream come true and I will tag the school and all the people who commented to me along when I am famous for flute.


  5. I think that flute is a wonderful instrument as well and i cant wait until I am in a band then a orchestra thank you for you comment


  6. cant wait till you pop into a lesson and it was really tricky when I first it because I did’nt know what bit was which but adventually I figured I out
    thank you for the nice comment


  7. Dear Sarah Grint
    Thank you so much for giving me a place I loved it.To tell you the truth it took me a year to get a sound out of it iam looking foward to seeing you on saturdy can you thank the lady for me,who taurt me last week thank you for the wonderful comment
    bye see you on saturday
    from honeyxoxoxoxoxoxo


  8. Thank you for the wonderful comment and on Friday just might be able to so and play it to you


  9. Wow Honey! I never knew you wanted to play the flute. Your determination really inspired me. I love how you never gave up on your dream and I think more people should do what you have done! Good luck 🙂


  10. Well done Honey. It sounds as if you’ve made a super start on the flute and I look forward to hearing your progress every week at the Merton Music Foundation. Hopefully you will be able to play in our Junior Woodwind Ensemble and eventually join in with the bands and orchestras at the Chaucer Centre. When I started learning the oboe it took me two weeks to get a sound out of the reed!! Good luck and keep going. Best wishes
    Sara Grint, Head of Woodwind, Merton Music Foundation


  11. Well done Honey!
    I am so pleased to hear that you came to the MMF Saturday morning Music Centre and enjoyed the session. The flute can be tricky at first so you have made an excellent start by already being able to play B!
    I will pop in to a lesson soon and will look forward to hearing how many notes you can play by then!


  12. Hello Honey,
    With your determination, you are bound to do well! You already look like a fine flute player and I’m sure you will soon be making really beautiful music. I’m so happy that Mrs Schneider has been able to set up some lessons for you!


  13. Hi Honey,

    I am very impressed with your determination, and so pleased that you’ve finally got to start lessons! The flute is such a great instrument for playing in a band with other people. One of my favourite songs featuring a flute is California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and Papas: It uses a different sort of flute called an alto flute, which has a hooked end and a nice low tone.

    So much for you to explore! I hope you have lots of fun.


  14. Hello Honey,
    So your ambition to play the flute is finally coming true! Your story is such an inspiration to others. It just goes to show that you should never give up!

    Let me know how you are getting on with the lessons at MMF. I’m sure that when others hear you play, everyone will want to try the flute!

    Can’t wait to hear you!

    Mr. Dachtler


  15. Hi Honey

    Good luck with your flute playing!

    Many years ago, when I was roughly your age, I was in a similar position when I wanted to learn to play the guitar. There were no teachers in my area so I had to sort it out for myself. One thing I did was to find some older students who could teach me a few things. Well, not teach me exactly –we just got together and I copied what they were doing!

    I also listened to a lot of guitar music and watched a lot on TV [this was pre YouTube days!] By sticking at it and listening carefully I eventually became a good player. It takes time but it is worth it!

    Great that you are now having lessons. I would suggest trying to find some other people to play with and also listen to lots of good flute music. One of my favourite flute pieces is Bouree by J.S. Bach as played by Ian Anderson. This is a classical piece, but he gives it a jazzy setting. Have a listen what do you think?


  16. I’m really impressed with your determination Honey. The flute is such a tricky instrument. I can’t make a sound on it! I love the fact that you have used YouTube to help you play. I’ve been playing the ukulele since Januarya and fin loads of things to play on the internet and loads of tutorials on YouTube.
    Keep going with your music, there’s days when it’s great and days when it’s tough going, but it’s always worth it.
    Enjoy the journey. (And I think you are lucky to have a great teacher in Mrs Schneider!)


  17. Hi, Honey! Looks like you can already hold the flute really well. It’s so hard to get a note out of a flute, so well done that you’ve already learnt your first note! I wonder how many notes you will be able to play after 10 lessons? Enjoy playing!


  18. Good luck Honey! I’m sure you will make good progress with such a determined attitude. It’s a beautiful and versatile instrument and maybe you will be able to play in a band or orchestra soon.

    PS Excellent posture!


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