Meet Sienna, a young musician.

Sienna pic

Sienna is learning the piano. She has just sat her first grade exam. Have a listen to her play one of her pieces.

I think musical talent must run in Sienna’s family!

8 thoughts on “Meet Sienna, a young musician.

  1. Wow, what a fantastic performance! I hope you did well in your exam and are able to take your next grade soon.


  2. Brilliant! That was great Sienna. I’m so proud of you… Well done!


  3. Sienna……that was beautiful……sooooooooo relaxing. ….and you played it by ear?…….you rock!


  4. I am impressed, well done for studying so hard, I know that to sound that good needs a lot of preparation and practice.


  5. Well done, Sienna! You’ve made Year 5H very proud! A lovely performance, keep up the good work!


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