Meet the Head Team!

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Im Joy. I am so excited and feel privileged to be part of the St Teresa’s “head team”. Today we did our first jobs as heads and I really felt the responsibility! My hobbies are swimming, horse riding, writing and singing. My favourite subjects are writing, reading music and PE. My favourite part so far of being head girl is being able to make decisions, our meetings and (as I did today) showing visitors around our lovely school!

I am really looking forward to what is ahead of me as head girl and I also think that being head girl is a very great way to end my last year in St Teresa’s.

From Head girl Joy.

I’m Matteo and I am so happy that I am head boy. I like playing football. My favourite part of being head boy is showing visitors around the school and being able to make decisions. My favourite subjects are music and RE. I am going to love being head boy and I have BIG plans for the future.

From Head boy Matteo.

I’m Holly and I am one of our new headgirls. I can’t believe I am in this position, its been really fun already!

I like swimming, drawing, using the computer and syory writing. I am in choir and really enjoy it.

My favourite subjects are writing, music, reading and art. I would consider myself a social butterfly, always growing new friends.

My favourite part of being headgirl is being able to make decisions. I enjoy listening to other suggestions and confronting Mr Dachtler about them. It is extremely fun to be headgirl. Already we have had so many decisions to make!

I can’t wait to help this school progress.

Head girl Holly

I’m Rory and I am one of the headboys in our school. I like to play rugby and to use the computer. I am in the prayer leaders team and I really like it.

My favourite subjects are music, literacy and PE. I really enjoy doing these subjects inside school and outside.

My favourite part of the role is making choices and being a role model for younger children to play hard and work hard.

From Head boy Rory.

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    • Thanks Christabel. I really appreciate all the comments you have left.


  1. A great post – you all sound really enthusiastic, really capable and really determined to make a difference. There will be lots of decisions coming your way soon but I am sure you can rise to the challenge. Well done on getting through a difficult process,
    Miss McGrath


  2. I really like the photo’s because they look like the apprentice, that’s a good idea Mrs Schneider


    • Well I think you are a great head team! I know that you will be sensitive towards the children who weren’t successful and will work hard to make sure their views are included.Have you thought about setting up a head team blog?


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