Mia is teaching herself to play the ukulele

Mia dropped by the music room this morning to show me her new ukuelele. Using Youtube she is teaching herself to play it. Have a listen!

Isn’t she doing well? She has certainly inspired me to pick up my uke and get practising again. Does anyone else fancy joining a ukuelele club?

12 thoughts on “Mia is teaching herself to play the ukulele

  1. Well done, you sang the song beautifully, and in great timing with the Uke. I love that song. Your sooooooooo inspiring!


  2. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I am so greatful! Your comments made my day. It inspired me to play more music.


  3. Mia plays with ease and a strong confident rhythm, all flowingly controlled.


  4. That sounds fantastic. Well done Mia your singing and strumming are both excellent!


  5. Well done! My daughter is doing tin whistle thanks to a similarly engaged music teacher at her school, and has recently taken up trombone. Mia’s ukulele playing is very good.


  6. That was really great. Singing and playing at the same time is difficult but you did it perfectly. Well done.


    • Thanks Heather for leaving Mia a comment. Much appreciated


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