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Hi year 6,

Can you tell me something about your musical life outside school?

Do you make music? Do you like listening to it? What sort of music?

What about music in school? What have you enjoyed during your school music lessons over the years?

Do you have any advice for teachers who are going to be teaching music to their own classes?

I am really looking forward to reading your comments!

Mrs Schneider

34 thoughts on “My musical life

  1. Hi there its Angel,my favourite music is pop and my favourite song is Closer by Chainsmokers . I really enjoy music lessons in this school as they are fun and in year 5,we learn’t how to play the violins and in year 3, we learn’t how to play the recorders.None of this would be possible without the fantastic Mrs Schneider,so I would just like to say a personal and special thank you for making all these amazing experiences possible.I am so grateful to her, and when I say this,I think I speak for everyone! My advice for you is to keep the music lessons the way they are as they are action-packed and full of adventure.
    Thank you for reading and I hope you feel the same way as me!!!


  2. What i like about music is playing with the instruments.Teachers my advice is enjoy teaching us and have fun doing what you normally do


  3. hi, it’s rachelle here, I love fifth harmony and little mix and my best singer is ariana grande.I LOVE MUSIC.


  4. i suggest that music teachers should also include cos me and some others kidz love _ like rap


  5. I love to listen to music.But i do not play with instruments in my home.I like the voice[a musical show].I like to watch the Britain’s got talent.I like Justin Bieber. Learning music in st.teresa’s school is fun.I really enjoyed playing the instruments.


  6. My musical life is really active most of the time….
    Usually, when I get home, I go on my phone and listen to my favorite music. After that, I go on my violin and play songs. Then, after I study, I go on my step brother’s ukulele and play a few songs. Occasionally, I attend and perform in a few musicals or any kind of play with songs in. That’s all of it honestly. My musical life is really enjoyable as I keep sharing the enjoyment by, teaching how to play instruments, and practicing with friends after school.Thank you for reading!.


  7. At home I have a piano and every Monday I have lessons on it. I also love to sing, sometimes my dad would play the piano and I would sing.


  8. hi Im sienna and I am from 6A .
    i am on grade 2 piano and I love it .So many diffrent peices two choose from.
    I will continue my career until grade 8.I love my piano!!


  9. My musical life is more outside than inside as i do musical theatre and do singing classes. In St. Teresas music is VERY fun as we get to play and learn loads of instruments and that is all down to Mrs Schneider. My favourite type of music is pop songs and i love learning different genres of songs in music lessons.


    • I strongly agree with you and you are also amazing at acting well done!!!!


  10. love the song that is made about all the sciecence superstars of the world and how they have really helped us today like the founder of electricity .


    • I also enjoyed that song and i think we should sing it to Miss Adjei. She would be so proud!!!!!


  11. My music life outside,I guess it is quite big
    I play guitar and piano also the ukulele .
    I also produce music. I am inspired by everything .
    I have enjoyed every single music lesson!


  12. St. Teresa’s music lessons are great, so far in year 6 there have been fun and exiting. At home I listen to mostly rap songs but also slow songs like Elvis Presley. I have never made music before but i recon my music would be too good to hear but anyway music is really fun!


  13. I suggest to music teachers we learn modern music from Capital FM and Kiss 100 because we enjoy that music.


    • Give me an example of a song you would like to learn!


    • I think that you have made a good suggestion and learning modern music can really improve and widen our knowledge and understanding of music.I think this as us kids enjoy listening to pop songs and as we do it will help the children to enjoy music lessons more!!!!!


  14. I like to listen to capital fm and kiss. I think that music teachers should ask at the end of a lesson on which instrument the class would like to play next week and to come to a joint decision.


  15. My music life outside is good because I learn guitar at home every day and I go to Merton Music Foundation which helps me a lot, I don’t normally make music but I normally make my own songs up and then try it on the guitar so I sing and I play on the guitar, I love hearing to music because I go on my phone and listen to a lot of songs and I also love all the songs I hear and the tune of it, I like listening to the chorus because in the chorus the sound goes high which I learn so I sit up and I sing it whilst the song is on, in school I love hearing to Mrs Schieneder is songs and I love singing it up, the thing I enjoyed a lot is all the songs and my favourite is the song we sang last week which is Swing Low Sweet Chariot, my advice go on our website and sing those songs to your classes because miss have very good songs.


  16. I listen to lots of different music outside of school,some of the songs I listen to are:Faded by Alan Walker,Take me to church by Hozier,Blank Space by Taylor Swift and more!I only play the drums and my cousin teaches me outside of school.I love the song Switching It On!I don’t think miss should change anything her lessons are already great!!!


  17. I love listening to pop music and i like playing the guitar at home. Sometimes i like using the drums and its fun to use the instruments.


  18. The things I enjoy in music lessons at school is using the instruments and singing different songs, I also like passing the clap around the class. I also like learning different music ( tuned ostinato and rhythmic ostinato).


  19. What I enjoy about music lessons in school is using the different instruments because it’s like every week we learn how to play a new instrument. I also enjoy doing singing as we learn new songs and it helps us become better at singing.


  20. My musical life outside school isn’t much, but sometimes i play my ukulele and listen to my favorite singer Melanie Martinez. I also like to watch musical shows such as X factor,Britain’s got talent,The voice and Strictly come dancing.




  21. My musical life is about playing the recorder and it is an amazing instrument.I also like singing and it is so much fun for me.I love doing the music lessons in school and outside of school.


  22. I used to play the guitar, keyboards and drums.

    I like listening to pop music.

    Yes I have enjoyed the music lessons.

    The advice I have for music teachers is to just enjoy what they are doing and do it the way you know how to do it.


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