My visit to Music Education Expo

I have been out of school to take part in a music conference. I have given several seminars to lots of music teachers and shown them our blog and I have also had the opportunity to listen to some brilliant musicians. Today I went to a lesson on conducting and I met Greg Beardsell who is a fabulous conductor who was responsible for this amazing performance!

What do you think?

He is also a brilliant beat boxer and I am looking forward to watching him perform with Schlmo at the Jazz Cafe.

7 thoughts on “My visit to Music Education Expo

  1. In the video clip that was just played, it looked so easy the way they do the beet-boxing but, when you actually try to learn it, it is always harder than ever! I tried beet-boxing once and it was a success! The person who taught me to do it said to just say boots-and-cats really fast. It actually worked! 🙂


  2. This clip was great I am always going on the blog and seeing the clip. I like this clip.


  3. Wow! That was excellent, whoever taught them how to do it must have a very creative imagination because they are play music but they are playing it without instruments.


  4. Mrs. Schneider, that was a wonderful clip you have just put. I am really ever so much proud for our music to teacher to enter an awesome conference. Well done Mrs. Schneider! 😀 excellent!


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