National Poetry Day 2013

The first Thursday of October is always National Poetry Day. It is a celebration of poetry for people of ALL ages – not just school kids! This year the theme is Water. We are going to be focusing on Jellyfish in our music lessons.Have a look at the wonderful Roger McGough poem


are grand fish
they swim
about in pairs
hold each other
when they fall in love
and when
they say their prayers
* * *
They tickle
the sea’s bare bottom
as little kittens
and when
there is a nip in the ocean
wear brightly
coloured mittens.

Roger McGough, Imaginary Menagerie (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books)

We are going to be creating some musical sounds to accompany this poem. We are also going to be singing “Jellyfish” from the Sing Up site.

Meanwhile here is a jelly fish video followed by some fun facts

Some fun jellyfish facts:

o These fascinating creatures have no bones, no cartilage, no heart, no blood and no brain.

o They are 95% water.

o They have been living in our oceans for 650 million years.

o One of the largest jellyfish is over 2 metres wide.

o The collective noun for jellyfish is a smack!

Click here to read some more poems on the National Poetry website

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