New Start

Hello year 5.Fresh start new year . Harder work in year 5 . I am soooooo excited to go to Royal Albert Hall . Our Year 4 music journey was great now another one!I would like to thank Miss Segdwick for being a wonderful teacher. You were funny ,a great singer ,a great dancer and especially a loyal teacher.

I wound like to thank Miss Mcgraph for  helping us in this project and also being a great funny exciting  teacher and Miss Heffron for giving us this extraordinary new start.

Then , Miss Schnieder for being a brilliant,caring,cheerful,bright,bold,compassionate,courageous teacher.

Thank you so much.Last of all I wound like to thank year 5 for being a wonderful class .You have been loyal , majestic, marvelous ,motivating ,optimistic ,original ,passionate,friendly,generous,gifted ,glorious, gracious,helpful,honorable,incredible,inspiring year thank you sooo much..



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