Oliver Davies Flight featuring Kerenza Peacock

Today we have been listening to this amazing music by Oliver Davies and recorded by the LSO and Kerenza Peacock.

It made us think of all sorts of images. We had a go at drawing the pictures we could see in our mind when we listened to the track “Skyward”

Rhea in 4W had a brilliant idea for a video. She told us that she imagined a young girl lying on the grass staring up at the clouds scudding across the sky. Slowly the clouds begin to change shapes until they form giant cloud instruments. The whole class thought that a great idea for a video!

Take a look at our pictures below.

“Skyward” on PhotoPeach


Year 1 didn’t have time to draw pictures. Instead they described the music in words. Have a listen


We hope that Kerenza, Oliver and all their friends in the LSO enjoy looking at our work which has been inspired by their beautiful music.

5 thoughts on “Oliver Davies Flight featuring Kerenza Peacock

  1. These are so wonderful!!! Thanks for taking such care and time to think about the music. I can’t wait to look at them properly when I get home. I hope you are all paying good attention to Mrs. Schneider!


  2. Well done Year 4! Those images look fantastic.

    It makes me think of two birds flying and chasing each other! Cheeky little birds!

    Keep up the good work!

    Miss Heffron 🙂


  3. Thank you for you fantastic pictures everyone. It’s such a pleasure to see people inspired by the music that we play. Hope to see you all at a concert soon maybe?
    With best wishes from everyone in the London Symphony Orchestra


  4. What amazing pictures! So many and so beautifully drawn. I think the spoken descriptions also show great imagination! Thank you for choosing my music to inspire you.

    Best wishes

    Oliver Davis (composer)


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