On and on we go ……

I want us to have a look at these images to help us understand the powerful emotions behind Pete’s powerful songs in “The Journey”

We are going to have a go at creating our own images to accompany some different verses.

5 thoughts on “On and on we go ……

  1. This is all I know,

    On and On we go,
    But who knows where,
    And who can say where tomorrow will lead us,
    The road is our destiny,
    As on we go…

    It’s a journey,
    Of endless goodbyes,
    With the tears of a thousand years in our eyes,
    How long, must we walk in despair,
    For the future, We’re never to know,
    For the past is receeding, faster the father we go,
    One day we’ll have memories to share.

    Repeat the verse above and after the last line, say “But where to n….o….w….

    I know everything, but I don’t want to brag.

    I love the song ‘Ride the wind because it’s tune is very attractive and sound terrific to hear whilsts singing.

    If anyone agrees with my opinion, please say so in your commen.ts.

    Thank you.


  2. I can’t wait until we go to the royal albert hall it will be a good experince for us.


  3. This is what i can remember-
    On and on we go. But who knows where and who can say where tommorow will lead us the road is our destiny as on we goo.


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