Playing for Change – connecting the world through music.

I need to say thank you to Bhaagya for showing me these wonderful videos. At the end of our music lesson today she explained to me about how “Playing for Change” works.

This is what she told me:

“People from different countries get together and sing classic songs. It’s all about sharing. They do concerts and then give the money to charity. My Dad first showed me Chum mama which I liked. It has made me want to learn to play a musical instrument.”

Thank you Bhaagya for sharing this with us.

If you would like to learn more about this organisation you can visit their website here

3 thoughts on “Playing for Change – connecting the world through music.

  1. I love this song! It’s AMAZING its so cool how people from around the world can play/sing something!


  2. I love this song! it is now one of my favourites on this blog. it is so amazing how children from all around the world can play such an amazing thing!


  3. Have you ever seen a frog?
    That was jumping with a dog
    They were shouting to me hey!
    Let’s go quickly to the bay?


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