Power of reading – Pirate style!

Pirates! on PhotoPeach

Well done year 2 on a great pirate day. I am really looking forward to reading all your writing about your pirate project. Your costumes look fantastic!

4 thoughts on “Power of reading – Pirate style!

  1. Thank you Mrs Schneider for putting up this video and thank you Mr Dachtler for your comments.

    We have really enjoyed dressing up, reading the story ‘How I became a pirate’, making our pirate ships, learning pirate songs, answering the register as pirates “shiver me timbers”, writing our own pirate stories, playing pirate games, measuring ourselves for our pirate costume!

    We are writing from our History lesson and we are about to design our own treasure map!

    Thank you!



    • You are very welcome 2S!

      Maybe I could take some photos of your treasure maps to show everyone on the blog?

      We will be learning a new pirate song for next week!

      See you on Monday for our music lesson.


  2. “Ey Ey Captain!” Well done Year 2 on a successful Pirate Day. I thought you had transported us back to the Carribean. You and your teachers looked absolutely fabulous and you all seemed to thoroughly enjoy yourselves. I hope you were all inspired by your wonderful pirate text to write your own pirate stories.
    I can’t wait to read them!
    “Pretty polly, pretty polly!”


  3. Wow!
    What a fearsome looking bunch!!
    A super start to your pirate adventure. Well done Year 2!

    Mr. Dachtler


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