Recording Year 6 songs

On Friday Ms Malone, mr Williams and and I went to Crown Lane Studio’s to spend the day recording songs that year 6 had written. It was hard work and took huge amounts of concentration. We managed to get 7 songs recorded!

This video will give you an idea of the day.

As soon as the songs are ready I will put them up. Watch this space!

7 thoughts on “Recording Year 6 songs

  1. My favorite memory was when we were writing our own song with my friend (J.A) because most songs convey the same message and J.A and I wanted to say something different.


  2. I really enjoyed playing all the instruments especially the drums.I was worried in the concert but the teacher was there playing it too so you get help. The reason I like Djembe is because I play percussion.The teachers were lovely thankyou.


  3. Thank you St. Teresa School especially to Mrs Schneider & Crown Lane Studio for this great experience & opportunity for our kids. They enjoyed and had fun recording. Great songs & music & beautiful voices of the kids, was very emotional listening to the lyrics of their songs. Well done Year 6!


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