Road to Tomorrow

Year 4 have been taking part in a very special music project run by Soo for Merton Music Foundation. Last week Malmesbury school young song leaders came to visit us and they brought a long a special musical baton. They taught us a couple of songs and we taught them Oleo and A Keelie. We then sang together the Pete Churchill song “Road to Tomorrow” The next stage of the project is when we visit SS peter & Paul to pass the musical baton on to them

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  1. I didn’t go to SS Peters & Pauls but I done it with Malsbury and they didn’t wear PJS but we did which was quite embarrassing and the song that they taught us was there was a farmer who had a dog and Bingo was his name I know that song from when I was little


  2. We sung that at St Mark’s Academy, with the Merton Music Foundation, I thought they were amazing!


  3. I didn’t get to go, to the SS peter & Pauls but how did it go ? what song did we sing ?


  4. Hi love road to tomorrow thank you for teaching us the song and I am in Choir

    From Taylor


    • I thought your behaviour was excellent. I was very proud!


    • Why were you nervous? You sounded wonderful!!!


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