Sing up Webinar

Big thank you to Andrew Schneider for acting as runner and making the behind the scenes film.

If you click here

It should allow you to watch our wonderful children taking part in the Sing Up webinar!

5 thoughts on “Sing up Webinar

  1. I watched this with my nan and she said it was brilliabt and it made us sing.Also I would like to thank Mrs Schneider for letting me participate in this event. Thank!


    • You are very welcome Isabelle. You were brilliant and I am delighted that you were able to take part!


  2. Hello Mrs Schneider, I Am The Year 2L Girl And You Show Us The Video of Your Space Turning Into a Music Room. Then I Put My Hand Up And Said I Watched That,On St.Teresa’s Music Matters. Do You Remember That?


    • Yes Erin, I do remember you! I am really impressed that you have left me a comment! Thank you. I hope you enjoy reading the blog. I look forward to teaching you after half term.


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