Snow Fun and some disappointing news

Snow Fun! on PhotoPeach

It is so rare that we get a chance to experience snow in our part of the world so I was very pleased Mr Datchtler allowed us a special playtime. Year 5 worked very hard learning a new song “Jack Frost”. Once we can perform it I shall put it up on the blog with our snowy pictures.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of vocal warm ups as demonstrated by our year 4 classes


Finally, the disappointing news is that we didn’t get short listed for the Guardian Zurich competition where we applied for funding for 10 iPads to be used for music making. I was a little bit sad because I think we made a great case and lots of people helped us put together our application. I am now going to put on my thinking cap and come up with another plan to get us some iPads. Have a look at the school projects that have been sucessful by clicking on the link to The Guardian

open envelope with looking out the corner of the letter

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