Some brilliant news!

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Our school music department has been shortlisted for a very special award! There is a competition to find the school that has the BEST music department. Lots and lots of schools enter. We entered and we have been chosen as one of the best so we are finalists. The final decision to choose the overall winner will be made on the 20th March.

I am very, very VERY happy that we have made it to the final. The only reason we have made it this far is because of YOU! I told the judges how brilliant you all are sharing your learning here on the blog. How many of you carry on with the work we start in lessons at home. Every single person who has tried hard in our lessons, left a comment on the blog, shared their experiences of learning an instrument and supported their classmates is responsible for our success.

We also have to thank Mr Dachtler, Mrs Schofield and Mrs Aransiola.

Mr Dachtler has made sure we have a great room and the proper equipment we need. Mrs Aransiola has created a fantastic singing culture in the school and set very high standards. Mrs Schofield has given us lots of technical support and advice.

This is a great learning opportunity for our school. I am going to meet all the other shortlisted schools and try to learn from them some of the great stuff they do but that we don’t do (yet!) We are at the beginning of our journey – we are still developing our after school music centre and we have lots to work on but being shortlisted is a good sign that we are going in the right direction.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped us get this far.

Special thanks of course must go to Music Teacher Magazine who are holding the Music Education Expo and organising the awards.

48 thoughts on “Some brilliant news!

  1. What do we (St.Teresa’s RC Primary School) have to do to win this?
    However, I am very proud of every body in this school.I am also very glad that we have made it into the finals. It is very emotional, not just emotional. The St.Teresa’s Music department is developing very well. Fingers crossed that we will win this tough,rough competition, please, everyone work har to win this. Work hard, not for yourself but for everyone involved in St.Teresa’s RC Primary School. Our place in the finals is very deserved, and I would just like to especially thank Mrs Schneider and every other staff member in this nerve-wreckin competition.

    Thank you everybody.


  2. I can’t belive we have made it into the finals and I think it’s a great opportunity for our school. It will be tough to win because most of the other schools are high schools and they will have bigger music department.


    • That is a very perceptive observation! It is unlikely that we will win but I think we should celebrate being short listed. It is a great achievement 🙂


  3. i am glad that we are in the fianl because i think that our music department and lessons give us great opptunities to try out new things and learn.


  4. Hello everyone my mum heard about this on the radio that we are one of the best in the country. I was even more supprised when she said something about the merton education expo. So I showed her the blog and now she goes on it every day and she loves going on the blog and learning about the RAH.


    • I know that Classic FM radio station are supporting the music awards and one of their presenters will be giving out the prizes. I am so glad that your Mum likes looking at the blog.


  5. I am really proud of the music department and I thank mrs schneider for teaching us at St.Teresa’s


  6. I’m very pleased to be in the finals. Mrs Schneider is a very good music teacher. She has helped us to learn the songs for the Royal Albert Hall. When I was in yr 3 we learnt the recorders and children in yr 3 there still learning the recorders. Thanks to Mr Dachtler for letting us enter the competition.


  7. Really excited that we are in the finals and i hope that we win.GO ST.TERESA’S!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. What wonderful news!
    I know how hard both Mrs Schneider and Mrs Aransiola work to make your lessons enjoyable and meaningful and your enthusiasm for music is really obvious. I have been particularly impressed at how cross-curricular your music lessons have been – what I mean is that:
    You have learned to blog so well and responsibly – ICT & Literacy
    You have learned Olympic and sporting-themed songs – PE
    You have learned about other countries through Ring Around the World – Geography
    You have listened to the music of World war II – History
    and many other areas.
    Fingers crossed everyone and congratulations to all the other schools too – we can all learn from each other’s good ideas.


  9. Congratulations everyone. Music is so important and so uplifting. Even when you’re a grown up you can still get excited by making music and listening to music. It also helps you relax after a busy day! You’re really lucky to have such a creative teacher and I know you’ll remember your music lessons many years into the future.


  10. It is amazing that we got in to the finals!.Fingers crossed we might win!.


  11. I am so pleased that we made the finals,i think that we deserve that spot because the music lessons on chopin were intresting and when mrs schnider took me and the rest of the young song leaders she showed us lots of music techniques.


  12. I am overjoyed about geting into the final 6; my favorite music lesson was WWII day.


  13. According about the news, so far we have been really happy about the news and thank very much that you chose our school between all the other school in this country…Thank you very much.


  14. I really enjoyed it when, Mrs Schnieder brought in a djembe teacher, to teach us how to play the djembe. I also enjoy the fun music lessons that Mrs Schnieder prepares for us


  15. Thank you so much for picking us in the finals we have worked so hard for this,its a plearsure.My faverioute was when we learned about the djembes.It was really cool to find out different patterns .Its wonderfull news thank you.


  16. Earlier in the year, Choir sang and performed for the whole school. I really enjoy our choir lessons. When it was our sports day, we didn’t just do sports, we sang as a whole school.


  17. Our school takes music very importantly and our teacher is extremely talented at music.We have been involved with other schools in music,for example last year there were a group called the young song leaders,who helped younger children learn the true meaning of music.I think this was a brilliant idea and we have a strong chance of winning.


  18. I really liked playing on the the djembe because it was really fun.
    i am really happy that you put st.teresas in the final.


  19. I think that a good lesson, that I personaly enjoyed was when we had the opportunity to write a olympic song in partners.I thourghly enjoyed it as we got to express our creativity and had a chance to enter a competition.


  20. I am extremely astonished about our school getting inside the finals with other 5 schools. All thanks to Mr Datchler, Mrs Schofield and Mrs Aransiola. I never thought that we would make it this far!!! It was definately worth entering!!!!


  21. I am glad to hear that we are i the finals.

    I really enjoy learning new songs in choir; lso love when we makee pattern/beat as a class altogether. It is so much fun!


  22. im so pleased that we got in to the finals our lessons are really fun and ecxiting
    good luck to other contestants from taylor


  23. In our music lessons we usually learn songs and the features of songs.I enjoyed playing the boom wackers and making our songs. I also enjoy choir as we learn new songs and it is like exploring music.


  24. During the olympics, we had a very exciting sports day. It was cool because we didn’t only do sport, we also sang songs, had people playing instruments and the choir singing. We did this as our mini opening ceremony. It was awesome!


  25. I think that our music lessons can be improved but my overall opinion is that Miss Schneider trys her very best to entertain us so that we can understand what she’s teaching us.All of us are very pleased that we have been elected to been in the final out of a number of schools.Mrs Aransiola works very hard to put the choir together.


  26. I was pleased when we learnt how to play the djembes because it was really fun and exiting!!!


  27. Music is one of my favourite subject . The way it moves me makes me a different person and I can just let go of all my emotions. Its really powerful.I like it when Mrs Schnieder uses her ipad to incorparte our sounds and record them and make a octave.


  28. I am pleased to hear that we are selected into the finals. It is most certain that we have been doing an outstandin gjob by our teacher Miss Schenider.


  29. Acoording to the lessons we had i think St.Teresa should get in. In Year 5 a lady named Caroline, taught us how to play djembas.With her help I found it easy to play.I also remember when we had to make up olimpic songs and my parnter and I won the was really fun .We had loads of time to write the song.We went into the grass area near the church and we grt to write during break time and at home.In Year 6 we done a project to do with Choipan.During the project we watched a movie called Magic Piano.It was really funny and scary.even though it didnt have any speaking it looked good.


  30. i think our lessons are ok and have some good qualities that overall could be better but they are quite enjoyable.


  31. I am very pleased to hear that our school have been selected to the finals. It was becasue of our music teacher ( Miss Schenider) and she has given her best to let us driving into music.


  32. Im so glad we got in to the final it means alot to my school and i would like to say well done to my music teacher and to all the other school that got in to the final and wish them the best of luck for them because everyone has a chance to shine and when i say shine i mean every one has all those schools why dont we be friend.
    thank you for reading


  33. i am pleased that we have been shortlisted for the final. I adore the music room because it has a different stor every week


  34. we are all pleased about our school being in the final,we are so glad we have teachers like Mrs Aransiola ,Miss schofield and off coures Mr Dachtler we are all so proud of our school.


  35. I am thriled about our school getting a spot in tbhe finalls .I agree with us geting in the top six because Miss schnider makes the lessons extrodanery.


  36. Im delighted that we are one of the six finallists. The part of music I enjoyed the most is learning the djembes because it was a brand new equipmement and Im sure not many schools have djembes. I also like that modern technoligy is being introduced because our music teacher uses an ipad and its really intreasting.


  37. I am very pleased that st teresa’s have been shortlisted for the best music department.Being a student at st teresa’s learning music is very fun and interesting,although I am in year 6 and will be leaving soon the quality of music in this school is outstanding.My favorite part of music is understanding the true meaning of music,that it is the universal language to mankind.Music in St Teresa’s for me has boosted more understanding.I would also like to thank Mrs Schneider,Mrs Aransiola and Mr Datcheler for making this possible and for helping st teresa’s in music.I am ver proud of our school and to think we are in the finals is to good to be true,I hope st teresa’s the very best.Keren


  38. I am absolutely delighted that we are in the FINALS!!!!
    I never knew that anything like this would ever happen. If we were to win this I would be the most delighted student in this school. I am looking foward to know if we won or not. GO S.TERESAS!!!!!!!!!!


  39. Thorughout the past year, during music I have experienced a variety of oppitunities to particapate in wonderful events and music lessons them selfs.Me personally I am extremley thrilled and excited that we are privalliged enough to be part of the finalists. We have various oppitunities to produce our own music and songs and to play diferent instruments in lessons when we don’t know naything about them.


  40. I am so happy that our school is in the finalists.In our music lessons they are fun and I love how we get to create our own music in our lesssons


  41. i thimk it’s great news that our school has been chosen for the music thing. i hope that we will win because i really enjoy playing the musical instrument in music and learning about Chopin. I liked watching “the Magic Piano.”


  42. I am very proud that my school are in the final 6 six of the country’s best music deparment i think its because i love this school and especially when we do music because we have a school music blog so we can comment about learning


  43. Im very pleased that we are in the final. I think it is because of our teacher ( miss Schneider) and all the instruments she brings to teach us. I also think it is because of the technical support from miss Scofield and our chior mistress miss Aransiola.

    I also really liked the music & dancing we did from the Second World War.


  44. This is such brilliant news. We set out to provide a music eduaction of the highest quality and Mrs. Schneider, Mrs. Aransiola, Mr. Mobile and the Merton Music Foundation work so hard to make this happen! However, this would all be for nothing if the children at St. Teresa’s were not so enthusiastic about the world of music and playing such a full part in lessons and clubs across the school.
    I really hope that many of you children look back in the years to come with fond memories of your music lessons. Who knows – some of you may earn a living out of music, but I hope that you all hold music in your hearts, sharing your love for it as you go.


    • Thank you so much for choosing us for the finals and we will try our hardest to win this compitition. I apprecitae the descision you’ve made when the schools were competing. This time we will this thing and show you what we can really do.
      Also, we wish good luck for the other school we’re battling against and if they win all we will feel is proud becuase our school was in this compitition and enjoying, so i wish our school and theirs good luck!


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