Some Day Soon

Someday Soon
By John Conibear

Clock ticking…
Someday soon, someday soon…
Someday soon change gonna come.
Someday soon, someday soon…
Someday soon, change gonna come.

How do I know it will be, it will be all right?
Who can say that it’s gonna be all right?

Someday soon, someday soon
Someday soon, change gonna come.
My friends keep telling me, ‘Could be near’
They keep telling me, ‘Could be here’
Won’t someone tell me
Mercy, mercy me, just tell me what’s going on…

How do I know it will be, it will be all right? (Will it be all right?)
Who can say that it’s gonna be all right?
If not you, if not me, who will make it right? (Who will make it right?)
Up to you, up to me – gotta make it right…

Someday soon, someday soon
Someday soon, change will be here.
If not you (If not you)
If not me (If not me)
Who will it be
Who will it be
Who’s gonna make it right?

All I know is someday soon
Change is gonna come.
Gotta hope, gotta pray
Something can be done.
If not you, if not me, who will make it right?
You and me, together we
Maybe, we can make it right.

Someday soon, someday soon…

38 thoughts on “Some Day Soon

  1. When we first arrived to the Royal Abert Hall, we saw a person videoing us and we got so so exited. As we went inside we also saw pictures of famous people. Then we went to a room, and then all of us started singing and people from other school looked at us weirdly the they started singing along with us.Then we went inside the hall and were exited.There we had to practice Adam and Sue was impressed then when it came to the real performance people was nervous. When it came to the first song people started to be more relaxed. When it came to the end the balloons came down and so we were so exited. IT WAS AMAZING!!!


  2. I really loved your song and it had a very good and meaning full message.The tune was also very good


  3. I absolutely love the backing track it’s incredible and the lyrics is sooo inspiring ✌️✌️✌️


  4. Dear John,
    I really liked your song and I think it had a great meaning to it


  5. I am so happy that you wrote a song about climate change because people don’t care about climate change


  6. Riona: You are very talented and I like your song.
    Erin:You are very talented an you should definitely release this song,as I am sure that lot’s of young people will like this song,I also like this as people may have different opinions and this is a quite mysterious song.
    Eli: What a very nice song, I liked the lyrics and the music you chose
    In my opinion, maybe you should make the story a little bit clearer so everybody can understand how you feel. I hope you published the song “someday soon!”

    From all of us,WELL DONE JOHN CONIBEAR!


  7. Hi John I really liked your song today the backing track was my favourite as it was really creative and all the different sounds mixed together really well as well I


  8. Dear John,

    You are great at singing and songwriting. I love your song and I’m sure it would be very much successfull! Good luck for the future and I will have a look at any of your previous songs! I think that the verse could be a bit more catchy but I loves the chorus- it was very catchy. I think this is very true .


  9. I like your song because it’s about climate change but on the other hand you can make the verses longer and make the choruses occur less more. Thank you for letting us hear your song. I hope you get the sonogram release.


  10. Hello John I think your song someday soon is about you struggling in life but change in your life is gonna come.
    Joshua: I think your song is great! I love it. 🙂


  11. I like the music and I really like how you think about the world. Your song is really inspiring.


  12. Wwwwwwooooooooowww!!!!!!
    Really catchy And I know it is about climate change
    hehe C(O_O)D
    Ok Cya ;D


  13. I really like your song and think that it is really good . You should publish it soon.


  14. I really like your song and think that it is really good . You should publish it soon,the bit I liked most was hen you made it upbeat.


  15. l love the song and the rhythm is nice and I know the song is about your life and want to achieve your goals well done!


  16. Dear John,
    Your song is really catchy and I like the rhythm and beat.I think you should add more verses and lyrics.


  17. Hi John,

    I love your song! You are very talented in singing and writing songs so keep on writing ! It’s very relaxing! You have a wonderful voice John!


  18. I love your song it is amazing . It encourages me so much. I really like when you make it upbeat in the middle


  19. I really like your voice and the song has a great tune to it and I really love the beginning part to the song because I really like how you have just stopped and taken breaks then you have continued.


  20. I really like the song but next time make the clock tick louder. I am so great full that we got to listen to your song!!!


  21. I liked it, where you said you can make it right. I really think it will be popular someday. I really liked it especially the hard work.


  22. This was a very good song and I loved the message you put in it. This will be a life changing song as global warming is such a big issue!


  23. Dear John,
    We enjoyed listening to your song and we would love to give you some feedback; firstly,we liked singing along to the chorus however,the beginning of it was not as strong as the rest of the song. Unfortunately the majority of the class was not able to hear the ticking at the start of the song. Keep up the good song writing.
    Jenna,Allison,Jenny and Donnell


  24. I really liked your song and I think you did a really good job coming up with all the lyrics for it I really liked the tune and beat of it


  25. I love the song!It really encourages us as a group to make the world a better place! I like the song but I think the clock should be louder!!!! I enjoyed it a lotttttttt


  26. I really like the beginning of the 2nd chorus and I first thought that it was about civil right as ‘change gonna come’ reminds me of Martin Luther king jr’s speech ‘I have a dream’ until Mrs Schneider told me it was climate change.


  27. I really liked the backing music. What I also liked was how the words ‘someday soon’ kept repeating so the person would remember what the name of the song was. Overall, all was good but you could make the ‘tick tick ’ sound a little louder and clearer.


  28. Jethro: Some parts of the music was too modern for the lyrics in my opinion and the way you sung also the lack of different lyrics but other then that it is a fairly decent song. Also, I think you could make the ticking louder BUT make it quiet enough to NOT dominate over the lyrics.

    Evan: There could have been more lyrics because at the end it felt a little repetitive but other than that it is great.

    Kacey: the song was awesome but the lyrics are not so bad but it was a certain thing to the song that was depressing but overall a great song.


  29. I really liked the song and the part when you asked the question in it.I really love the fact when you mentioned about a really good story about climate change.


  30. Your song was very nice to listen to and I really liked your upbeat music in the middle part of the song. Well done !!!!


  31. I really liked your song and I appreciate the hard work you put into it!
    This song has a great meaning and will definitely be a popular song


  32. I love your song !It really encourages us as a group to treat the world better


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