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  1. This was very interesting as it shows that in our every day lives we make rhythm and music.Also the people in the video are very creative as they came up with different sounds,put them together,and received a rhythm.
    During the Christmas holidays,my mother showed me a video were a group of South African men sang a song about being homeless.It shows people what they went through and that they are homeless maybe if you have the time you could watch ic and maybe show it to the children you teach. Ladysmith Black Mambazo -Homeless.
    Also,my mother showed me another video which is a rap(we are doing raps in year 6)and is rapped by a boy who raps about what you want to do.It is inspirational as it tells you that no one can stop you from doing your best or from being who you are.Also,it tells you that no one has the right to tell you that you cant do something and no one has the right to shut you down.This would help others believe that no on can stop you from being who you are and no one can change you .It also tells others that
    -You should pursue your dreams
    -Never give up
    -Persevere and be resilient
    -Keep on believing in yourself
    The song is called Dave – Picture Me
    By Angel-Year 6


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