St Teresa’s Lockdown Music Concert.

I am proud to present our first ever online music concert featuring children from our school! But first a message from our MP Siobhain McDonagh

Would you like to take part in our next concert? I am looking for children and families who would like to sing us a song. It can be any style and can include beatboxing, rap and body percussion. You can sing unaccompanied or use a backing track. You might be able to persuade someone in your house to accompany you on a guitar, ukulele or keyboard. You can sing on your own or with your whole family if you like!

If you are interested you need to get your parent to fill in this form here by Monday 1st June

21 thoughts on “St Teresa’s Lockdown Music Concert.

  1. This wonderful concert brought tears to my eyes! I have such fond memories of my time working at St Teresa’s – I have always told people that the children at this school are the loveliest I have ever worked with and this concert sums up the talents of the pupils and the supportive atmosphere of the staff. What a lovely community you all are – even when you are not physically together you are still a community with a huge heart! Well done to all the children who took part – I am bowled over by your musical and performance talent xx


  2. Fantastic!! Excellent opportunity for kids to show their amazing talents and shine.!!


  3. I have been totally blown away by the talent displayed by our wonderful St. Teresa’s musicians! I have enjoyed the concert so much and want to thank you all for being confident enough to share your musical skills with us. Thank you to Mrs Schneider for being such a positive influence on the children and for the organisation of this event. Thank you also to Mrs Aransiola for the lovely medley and wonderful input you have in all our musical events throughout the year. Fantastic


  4. Thank you Mrs Schneider for organising the concert.

    This was fantastic opportunity for these absolutely gifted children to show their talents. We really enjoyed watching them all.


  5. We really enjoyed the concert. My mum was doing happy tears again. Thank you for all of the wonderful music.


  6. Hi Jackie
    Thank you so much, I loved the St. Teresa’s Lockdown Performance today. A lot of hard work went into producing it, thanks to you.
    The children were fantastic, all at different stages in their music learning….Well done to everyone, even Mrs A, she was fantastic too!
    Keep up the good work children.
    Margaret Malone


  7. Brilliant concert. I absolutely loved it from start to fabulous finish. Thanks so much.


  8. That was absolutely fantastic. So lovely to see all of the talent within the school. Well done to all pupils and thank you to Mrs Schneider for organising this. We loved the medley at the end from Mrs A too. Love from the Porter family.


  9. Thank you Mrs Schneider ! Everyone played extremely well and I loved Mrs Aransiola’s piece of music ! It was nice to see everyone after a long time !


  10. Wow! What a fabulous concert and so lovely to see so many of our talented children showing off their skills!
    Well done to you all and a massive thank you to Mrs Schneider !!

    Stay safe… Miss Malone xX


  11. Awesome concert guys! Glad you are all safe and well, keep playing those tunes!

    I’ve been learning to play the triangle…… it’s not going very well.

    Mr Hanson


  12. What a fantastic concert. I was so lovely to see and hear you all. A big thanks too to Mrs S for organising this and editing the video – so fantastically.


  13. Thank you Mrs Schneider for organizing the concert-we enjoyed watching it! 🙂


  14. Great teamwork from the Adamski family. Well done Wojtek supporting your sister.


    • Wow, your drum playing was fabulous too Wojtek!


    • Thanks Gracie! You are the first to comment


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