Steve Reichs clapping music app

I am issuing a challenge to our whole school – who can get the highest score? So come on teachers, office staff, Mr Dachtler, dinner ladies, students give it your best shot!.

This app is free to download. Here is the link . I’m off to practise …

13 thoughts on “Steve Reichs clapping music app

  1. My high score is 736 I got the app and it is very addictive, but it’s sooo tricky. Miss schnieder what’s your high score, if you don’t mind sharing it. I’d be delighted to know.


  2. This is a very addictive app. Very interesting to see the different ways we approached remembering the rhythm. Competition in our house for the highest score.


    • It is really tricky! I’m impressed you are all having a go. I heard the composer on radio 4 saying he was struggling to get a good score! I think we need to encourage Mr Dachtler to have a go!


    • I know! You need to practise lots & lots. Good luck


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