“Sunshine in my heart”

Had a great lesson today with year 4. We have been looking at the sing up song “Sunshine in my heart” and today we had a go at recording the chorus. We began by singing the chord progression. We experimented by singing the chords using different sounds. Then we recorded each of the vocal parts as separate tracks. We then experimented with body percussion before choosing a drum part. Some of our children played ukuleles, guitars and even a clarinet to add to the sound track.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on ““Sunshine in my heart”

  1. Hi Jackie,

    I’m Regina, we met at the Musical Futures training course at Southbank where we had a chat about music in primary schools. I hope you’ve had a nice Easter break!

    I was wondering whether your suggestion about me coming to observe you teaching is still on offer? From what I’ve read on the blog here, you do some fantastic stuff with the kids and would love to be inspired. Your school seems to be a bit far from mine (bad transport links from Streatham Hill unfortunately), but I would like to come and get a glimpse of your lovely teaching.

    I hope to hear from you!

    Best wishes



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