Thank you Bhashana!

I had a very pleasant surprise when Bhashana came to the music room to give me this beautiful drawing to display. Do you know who it is and anything about the music he created?

Thanks again to Bhashana. If you have any artwork that you think would be right at home in the music room or the blog be sure to visit me in the music room!


6 thoughts on “Thank you Bhashana!

  1. Bhashana is a very talented boy and I also love Bob Marley songs.
    Well Done!


  2. Bhashana, you are very talented. ‘Could you be loved’ is one of my favourite Bob Marley songs and it always makes me think of lazy summer days.


    • Do you have any favourite music? By the way, can I remind you just to use your FIRST name when you leave a comment! See you tomorrow!


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