The Eclectics!

This band features a former St Teresa’s student, Taylor Blaszcyk. Aren’t they amazing? Be good to get them to perform at school for us! I am really grateful to Taylor’s brother Harry, for lettng me know about this great local band.

3 thoughts on “The Eclectics!

  1. Well done Taylor and thank you Harry for sharing your brothers talents with us!

    It just shows what our core value or ‘ambition’ can do!

    From ‘Henry the Tudor Dude’ to Ruts fest…


    Mr Dachtler


  2. Hi Jackie
    Yes I remember Taylor he was a very shy lad when he was here. Great to see him all grown up and part of a rock band……..Well done Taylor!!


    • Thank you Ms Schneider and Mrs Malone – such kind comments!

      Taylor is a true inspiration. He is a self-taught guitarist and has composed his own music as well as being a key founder of his current band The Eclectics.

      Teachers at St Teresas may remember Taylor as Cromwell in ‘Henry the Tudor Dude’.

      I hope his inspirations and affinity for the stage guides others to follow your dreams and the talents that you are blessed with… never give up!! x


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