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Pastime With Good Company – Music of Henry VIII

Support the channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Feldmarschall_Friedrich This is a recording of the 16th century song “Pastime With Good Company”, also know as “The Kings Ballad”. The lyrics and medley were composed by King Henry VIII of England. It is believed that it was first recorded by the King in 1513, shortly after his coronation.

School Radio – School Radio, Tudor music: Elizabethan Players

The melody is played on a recorder – typical of much music in Tudor times.

3 thoughts on “Tudor music

  1. I really liked the beginning of the song.

    We are learning Tudor music now.

    Mrs.Schneider you taught us today Tudor music


  2. I really liked your singing ,it was wonderful, really amazing. your voice is beautiful
    well done that was beautiful


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