UK premiere of “The Magic Piano”

You can now see this fantastic film on the big screen! It is being shown at the South Back Centre on Friday 22 February. Year 6 have already seen it and it has been the most fantastic introduction to Chopin, the etudes and Lang Lang. We are hard at work planning our own animations inspired by the etudes ansd we will be posting them here very soon!


Click here if you would like more details about tickets for the showing at South Bank Centre.

Year 6 – it would be really helpful if you could leave your comments about the film below. I shall ask the nice people at Breakthrough films who made the film to have a look at your reviews.

54 thoughts on “UK premiere of “The Magic Piano”

  1. . I really liked this film, it was a real joy to watch. it was really good , it was amazing when the girl was dream to fined his dad again, that was one of my favorite parts


  2. I disagree with the second point because it shows that one of Chip Chip’s glasses lenses, had fallen out. When Chip Chip notices in the film, he automatically gives it to Anna.


  3. The magic piano was a very emotional piece of music as it stunned me with it’s tune.


  4. I have not seen the movie yet but by the comments I have seen if I watch it I will enjoy it


  5. I really liked The magic piano because of how the music went well with every move.My favorite part of the story is at the end of the story because the dad returns.It is really good how you show their emotion because we know what is going on.


  6. The film was really great and it looked like there was romance in the air when the boy from Paris jumped onto the piano. The most glorious part was when the flowers landed on Chopin’s grave. The scariest part for me was when Chip-Chip fell off the piano. The saddest part was when the dad started to leave London. It was a GREAT film altogether!!!


  7. I really enjoyed this film because the music really went well with the acting ESPECIALLY when they are going up, over and through the hot air baloons. It was really clever the way they hid the different names of the songs on different things, ith was a bit like hide and seek!!!


  8. My faveroute bit was the freerunning the music really
    fitted in with the actions I like how they hid the name of the song in secret places
    they should really put more expression on there faces


  9. I loved the fact that there was so much exspretion on
    a dummys face.

    THE FILM WAS SO COOL,I LIKED THE FREE RUNNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. The magic piano was a very emotional piece.It was moving and lovely to watch. I love the part wear Anna runns down the stairs, it really matches the music. I love the way you can tell what Anna and ChipChip are feeling. I really liked the film it was amazing.


  11. I really enjoyed the movie because you wrote the the music of chopin everywhere.I thurly enjoyed when the petals fell on chopins grave and the music always fitted the actions of the characters.


  12. The film was great.I loved the way the music flowed with the actions. Also the fellings for the father and daughter were so strong in the film ,The Magic Piano. It all was very powerful .


  13. This is an extraordinary film,an astounding mixture of music and reality.I especially liked the emotional moment when the petals fell majestically on Chopins Grave.The music was suitable for the movie and made it very good.My heart was touched when Anna and Chip-Chip hugged.However,I think the mysterious boy who was following the piano should have been included in the end.


  14. I think that “The Magic Piano” was amazing. Although no talking was involved, the music matched all the actions and movement very well. It was awesome when Anna sat on the piano, then, when her tear trickled down her cheek and landed on the piano, the piano was alive. They were very creative when they included all the names of the piano pieces in the picture, without making it too, too obvios. It was amazing. Simply amazing.


  15. The Magic Piano

    I think that the Magic Piano was a nice smooth film because I like the music in the background when they were moving. The thing that made me sad is when the Anna looked away while her dad looked at her. The adventure she had with Chip Chip was fantastic because I could hear the piano changing into low keys and then changing into high keys, that bit was my favourite bit.

    When the film was coming to an end, it was another sad bit when anna and her dad re-united together.


  16. I really really really enjoyed your film, i hope you make anougher film to continue from this one. I hope its something about her finding her mum, or like she dont know where her mum is so shes goes to find her and at the end she sees the grave. Or anougher one is that shes finds her mum and spends time with her mums ghost. I know that I should of mentioned it before, but i love the way were she goes down the stairs… the music goes so well with it. One more thing i adoured the part were she wakes up and it was all a dream; and i just knew, I just knew that she was going to see him when she was pretending to be on the piano flying. I dont understand who the blonde lady was??? So i just want to know who is she. Hope i helped.


  17. I really enjoyed the film.Especially the part when the french free runner was chasing the flower air baloon.
    Also i liked it because it was set al around the world and that Anna could see her dad everytime she looked through the telescope. i thoureley enjoyed the piano playing throught the film i also thought that the music went very well with the film


  18. I think that the Magic Piano is upseting because the dad has to leave his own daughter to work someone else.The movies goes smoothly with the little cartoon;my favourite part was when Anna was dreaming and the piano was building up and finnaly she was flying up high.To me it’s quite touching because the girl goes to find her dad and doesnt give up after all of the storms and countries she had to go through.


  19. I thought thet it was detailed and it had alot of action . Eventhough there was no speaking i could understand the story and it was sad, funny and happy at thesame time and the music match up with the story. my favorite part is when she get lifted from the ground by the piano and when she is going down the stairs and the music is going fast.

    I thought the movie was fantastic and it matched the music and had mixed emotions.


  20. I really apreciated this extrodinary film becuqse it breaks my heart when she was fostered by this mom and son. Anne’s imagination was very interesting because these impossible miracles happened in her mind. His friend (Chip Chip) was terrified and immediatly wanted to go home. As Anne’s imagination farther approached she and Chip began to make friends.


  21. My Review Of The Magic Piano:

    I loved the film.I think it was absolutely great.I loved the way the the producers matched the film I thought it was very creative.My other favorite part was at the end because it was very dramatic and even gave me a shock.

    #Show more emotions on the characters faces.


  22. The Magic Piano
    The traumitizing events that this girl went through are akmost impossible but it was astoishing none the less. One of my most favorite moments during the filme was when she ran down the stairs while the piano played really fast. Another part was when the little girl put the old man’s hat in the toaster. I think Lang Lang was very clever with his music and Chopan (the music) was just as clever.


  23. I really enjoyed watching your film and i hope other people will enjoy it too! I think this film is really inspiring and that the music really fits in with the animations.I hope you will make another film which will inspire me again and other people, someday.Truly, i never heard of Lang Lang before,but when i watched the film i knew who he was. Thank you for making this film, the magic piano.


  24. This movie was fantastic, such a brilliant way of designing the music to follow the character’s actions during the film. I know the music is supposed to tell the story but what would be great is if they could talk.I think Choppin’s music is extroardinary and to me impossible.I love it to the highest, it must be one of my favourite animated films yet.I suggest you make more! Good Luck!


  25. In this film I think the music instead of the words was very clever, however I think you should have had a bit of talking. The music related to the moment in time brilliantly, such as when they were in the storm the music was fast and exilirating. when you hid the number of the songs like op.3 and the name of the song, I think that was very clever because when adults whatch it they know what the music is. My three favorite parts was when all the rubbish turned into a flying machine. At the end aswell when it was all a dream but then her dad turned up. My final part was when they went to paris and that boy ran across the buildings


  26. I quite enjoyed the magic piano and the music that was significantly chosen to go with it was very smart. Especially how you put the numbers in the most unexpected places so that it didn’t detract form the scenes taking place. However, I think that in certain places there could be a bit more action to demonstrate the feelings and emotions of the characters as you have wittingly chosen to replace all speaking parts with piano music instead. My favourite part of the movie was when anna was falling then suddenly opened her eyes to reveal to us that it was all a dream. It really was very fantasious of you to make out as if her one teardrop could have opened up a whole magical piano. Like a new dimension. When anna put the man’s hat in the toaster it really made me laugh. The ending really was magical though as her father came back for her and ended as a long-lasting hug. I had never heard of Lang Lang or Chopin before watching this so it has really opened my heart to a new genre of classical music as well. I hope you movie becomes a bestseller in the future!


  27. I loveThe Magic Piano espesaly when the hat goes in the toaster. It made me play the piano with my uncle who is a professional pianoist. I have 2 movie errors
    1. chip’s teeth fall out but later they reappere.
    2.when the telecope lense shatters no other lense flys out then a lense magicly appers.
    The last thing is that i find chip anoying.


  28. My review of the Magic piano i thought it was very spectecular i think that it is very detailed when the music is played with the animation. Chopin really did alot of work with the music and plus the amount of work put into this was breathtaking of course there were a few problems during the making of the film. I wish to see more of your work.


  29. I really enjoyed watching The Magic Piano because the music went well with the movement in the story. I really enjoyed the part when the girl meets her father. I also noticed that the music went perfectly with the story.My favourite part was when the girl was flying up in the sky on the magic piano and the part when she had seen her father and hugs him. It was so thrilling.Before watching The Magic Piano I did not know who Chopin was but now I know him. I really enjoyed watching The Magic Piano I think that this was a very good story that goes well with the music.


    • Superb Tanya and I really liked when you said the music went well


  30. I thoroughly enjoyed The Magic Piano, one of my favourite things was how you fitted in the name of the songs. The music fitted really well with the actions the characters were doing, they didn’t have to sdo any talking because the music and emotions fitted beautifully. My favourite section was when Anna’s dad came back and she was elated which changed my emotions in a instance. It was very imagitive when the piano flew up and shocked me. During the movie various emotions ran through me; the music was wonderful and introduced me to Chopin, the music very calming.


  31. I liked the Magic Piano beacuse the music told the story rather that the pictures and I think it was a good idea to have no voices. The short movie brought a tear to my eye because I felt the emotion through the music.My favorate part of the magic piano was when Anna realised everything was all a dream.
    Thank you for letting our school watch it first.


    • Hey i really loved your comment and true it really was a emotional movie but i think you and me overall loved the singing and enjoyed it


  32. I liked the magic piano because of all of the relistic features of the film . The only downside to it was that the film hand no speaking in it what so ever , i notied the way wjen you put the little pecies of music sines of the music in random places and i was astonnished when i saw the piece when anna started to cry and it driped on to the piano aqnd it bascally came alive !!!!!
    This film has inspired me to liten to cho pan alot more .


  33. The movie “the magic piaono “warmed my heart , it was truly amazing! The music blends in with the movie and was very clever. I appreciate for letting us watch the movie . My favourite part was when the piano was alive, it was unexpected .I thank you for th oppurtunity you gave us .
    😀 The End


  34. i enjoyed your movie i liked the part when the girl burnt the mans hat. The music was different which made it intresting to be honest i didn’t like it when the girl had to move because she really missed her dad.

    I would like to know who was the woman with blond hair was she the girls mother or just an antie. why did the boy like vimpires. The music was nice i liked it near the end because Anna died and came back to live.


  35. I think the Magic Piano was a fantastick,emotional and a film that lets us hear the music. I really was a lucky pupil to watch The Magic Piano becasue i really loved the music and the parts of the movie was inspiring and i just loved it. I really loved how the music fits in each parts of the movie and how the story was really moving forward into a dream. I think that this movie contained lovely singing. Honestly, i think that this movie creates feelings and i really felt the feelings. An amazing and emotional film.


    • Awesome comment, good to know what you think


  36. I think that the magic piano is a very inspiering film. its inspiered me to try playing the piano.I think that the way you put the music number in the backround is very good. I like that you got the characters to move acording to the music.overall, I rate the film 10 because it was brillaint.


  37. I really enjoyed watching this and i think the company
    that made this reallly tried hard . I think the music played in this short movie is really intresting and it goes really well with the movment that is going on in the movie .


    • A really nice comment debroah and hopefully you must of like the film and felt the emotions.


  38. The Magic Piano
    I think tha the film was interesting and was fun to watch because of the adventures the young girl went on. I also liked the creativness of the film makers and how they came up with that piano flower.I loved the music that went with the film and how the names of the music were hidden throughout the duration on the film.


    • Hey Thomas I think your comment was very good and I agrree with everthinh you have said. I laso liked the musis and think that they were really creative and realistic


  39. I really liked this film, it was a real joy to watch. Everything was perfect i really liked although it hurt my feelings when the dad left. The music really matched thier movement. I would really like to know how u made the film. please send me back a message through the blog.


    • Thanks Emmanuel. Can you describe your favourite sequence in the film


  40. It was a great time watching it , it was very powerful and it touched my heart. I appreciate your kindness. ;D
    The end…


  41. This film was amazing i fought the film was astonishing to me but i did not like the bit where she has a dream and she flys but it was good i liked the film but yeah astonishing .


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