Violin project for year 5

Ian Britton - violin
Photo: Ian Britton

I am very excited that year 5 are going to be taking part in a special project! We are going to be having violin lessons during our usual music lessons. The whole class will take part and there will be no charge for students. Merton Music Foundation will be lending us some violins and sending in tutor Debbie MacGregor to teach us. This is an amazing opportunity so I hope that everyone is going to make the most of it!

To help us get prepared I would like everyone to do some research for homework. Please could you create a drawing/picture/painting of a violin. I don’t mind what you use. It is up to you! Could you then add 5 interesting facts about the violin to your piece of artwork.

Please hand them in to your class teacher and I will collect them. The most thoughtful and carefully created pieces of work will go up on the blog.

It is up to you when you do this work. You might want to get it done before Christmas or you may want to do it during the holidays.

I wonder if anyone in year 5 knows somebody who is already learning the violin?

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