Welcome back!

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas holiday.

Whilst you were packing your bags for school Sunday night who found the letter about after school music clubs? We still have some places left but you will have to hurry to get your form filled in and returned to school as soon as possible.

If you have lost your letter you will need to go to the school office to get another copy or come and see me in the music room. The prices are the same as last year and haven’t gone up. If anyone would like to take part but the money is a problem please come and see me in private and I bet I can help!

I have been busy planning lots of music lessons for us.

Year 1 and 2 – we are going to be exploring some Chinese music, learning how to sing and play “Gong XI” a new year song and experimenting with boomwhackers to create oriental sounds!

Year 3 – recorders!!! Yep, by half term we will be playing songs together having learnt to play the notes B, A and G

Year 4 – we are going to be working on some beautiful African songs. We are going to be focusing on texture and structure and developing your beautiful singing voices even further. You are going to be making decisions about how we perform these songs to the rest of the school. There will be opportunities to direct, conduct, perform solos, develop accompaniments for everyone

Year 5 – we are going to be working with Merton Music Foundation on a violin project! I am very excited about this. it is the first time we have organised this for year 5 so we will be wanting your feedback on how the project is going. I will be looking for you to keep an online record of the project here on the blog. I am so confident that this will be a great success I am already arranging for small group violin lessons after school when our whole class project ends.

Year 6 – we are going to be learning about Chopin, the piano and film music. The keyboards will be coming out so that everyone can learn to play a scale. Those of you who can already play will be needed to give lots of teaching demonstrations!We will be looking at the patterns on the keyboard and transferring all those singing warm ups we do onto the keyboard. We will learn a little about the Polish composer Chopin and listen to his Etudes before we watch an amazing stop go animation film.

I have lots of exciting clips to share with you on the blog and if anyone has suggestions for music they would like to see on the blog then leave me a comment.

Looking forward to a musical 2014!

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