Welcome to the new blog

Last year we had lots of different blogs to support our music learning. Year 4 did a fabulous “Ring around the World” blog to help them with their performance at The Unicorn Theatre. Year 5 and 6 posted up songs they had written on their “How to write a great song ” blog and I posted up lots of resources and information about our  lessons on my blog “Mrs Schneider’s Musical Day”. This year I have decided to combine all our blogs here!

To help us find our way around we will use categories and tags. Don’t worry you will soon get used to it! Have a great summer holiday.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the new blog

  1. It’s been so long since this blog was made! I was in year 2 when I first heard of this, and now, I’m in Year 6! Good Job Mrs S!


  2. its been a really long time since this blog was made and I kind of miss those pegs, anyway. I was in year2/3 when I started commenting and being active on this blog its wonderful

    thankyou…….. Rita – S


  3. Thanks Katie – really kind of you to say so. Well done for posting a comment!


  4. Thank you for the welcoming post.Ilike the blog and the rules are things that I can remember and stick to.Ithink thatthe blog is looking fab.


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