What are your thoughts on our school music blog?


This Friday I shall be going to Manchester to give a talk to some teachers and music education experts on how blogging can help schools to improve their music. I would like your help! Could you please leave me a comment below explaining how you have used our school music blog. I can’t take you all with me to Manchester so you can tell the audience for yourself but using the blog is the next best thing!

Please tell my audience how YOU use the blog and you never know – you might even get a reply but no promises! Be great if some of the Mums and Dads who visit the blog could also leave a comment..



60 thoughts on “What are your thoughts on our school music blog?

  1. Thank you Miss Schneider for letting us have after school music club.It helped me a lot and it gave me so much intrest of playing keyboard.Now with all your help I practiced playing with my keyboard,also I looked up for the notes of Happy Birthday. I know the notes by heart and I know how to play it on the keyboard.So much thanks to you for helping me alot.THANK YOU!


    • You are very welcome! It is an absolute pleasure to arrange after school clubs for children like you. it makes me very happy to hear from you how much you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to leave me a message. I really appreciate it and it means an enormous amount to me! Thank you 🙂


  2. The other bolgs were grate they had video just like us also, they had comments like us


  3. Today I looked at uphall school website and I liked it because it had a nice background on the website.


  4. I went on the Vietnam school blog,I think simmilar to the blog in our school.But the set out is quite different.
    By the way I enjoy listenig to the “Brass group” playing “Twinkle little star”


  5. Our class looked at different schools blogs around the world, I looked at British International school Vietnam, I was stunned by how many projects they invested on!


  6. I’ve been on the International school blog and what I saw was the children singing “After a Storm”. The children there were very good at singing since they were all singing on the same pitch and at the right time. I hope that one day, someone would teach me how to sing that song just like the children in the International school did. Whoever taught those children how to sing like that is a great singing teacher


  7. Hello, this is Jeffrey( A Year Six Student)today, I went on Mrs Gower’s Class blog and I absolutely loved it!
    The orchestra played wonderfully, I mostly enjoyed the singing ‘Afer The Storm’.

    The blog is amazing, it enables the school to get in contact without really doing anything, I love the blog and will continue to post and leave comments.


  8. These are my thoughts on the school music blog :
    Our blog is very unique as we show music from all around the world.It inspires students everywhere to play there own instruments. Finally, it shows all of the work that we do in class and home!


  9. I looked at the scottish blog and iu found that there are lots of link and demenstrations of them singing.

    My thoughts on our blog is that its can be helpful if you need to know something about music.Also i like seeing the work we done on the blog.


  10. I ve looked at the vietnam school blog and it was really helpful on learning how some diasble students can play music and it was really good


  11. Today, we,ve been looking at other music blogs and the one I looked at the british international school club and their website was really good because they do a lot of music.


  12. I like the blog because I can listen to my friends and members of the school play instruments


  13. The blog has helped me and I think most people would agree with this , its helped me by giving us all an update on the work we have been doing in music and sometimes in school.


  14. I really enjoy coming onto this blog because, as class teachers, we are not often able to see some of your other talents. It is really nice, therefore, to be able to see you playing musical instruments, or to hear you singing and to see another side of your school life which we are not normally a part of.


    • Thank Miss McGrath for leaving a comment. You certainly have lots of talented pupils in year 6 who are brilliant at ICT and music!


  15. Hi everyone, I miss you!

    Isn’t it great that we have the blog so that I can still see how you are all doing with your music and learning your instruments? I hope you are all looking after Mrs Schneider nicely for me?

    This blog enables me to see the instruments you are learning, to hear you playing them and to learn the stories behind your love and passion for music. I am sure that hearing other people’s stories inspires you to find out more? I have learnt lots of things about you as individuals that I might not otherwise have discovered!

    I know you enjoy the links that Mrs Schneider puts on the blog, and I know it helps you to find them more easily since they are all in one place. It enables you to explore things you may not otherwise have thought about, and to do so in your own time and at your own pace, and at the times when you feel inspired to do so. It also enables you to talk to children in other classes and other schools, and sometimes to experts. It helps you to learn independently.

    I also know how much it has given some children a “voice”. Children who don’t necessarily talk much in class but who have so much to contribute. And I also know that some of you like writing on the blog who don’t much like writing in books, and you write a lot on the blog!

    This blog has inspired other blogs across the school – other teachers have watched the enthusiasm of the children, seen their levels of engagement rise, and watched the development of relationships between staff and children. As of this week you will have a new Ambitions blog for you to find out about future careers, and this was inspired by the music blog.

    I would like to thank Mrs Schneider for raising the profile of ICT and web 2.0 within St Teresa’s – it has led us on to better things. We are now 21st century learners and content creators!

    Look after each other and keep making music and blogging,

    Mrs Schofield 🙂


  16. I like this blog because it shows all the young children who play instruments and it has lovely songs from different clotures.


  17. i love this blog because it inspired me to play the gutiar and the piano.



  18. I like the blog because if we forget the lesson we can come to the blog and see.I like Neths sound clip because i like drums!


  19. hi mrs shinder mia and me and i think that this blog realy helps us with our music, because…. there is very talented children/adults , playing intruments.

    mia and leah , p.s we will do more comments about this amazing blog!!!!


  20. I loved posting me playing the drums and i thought that the blog was a excellent idea


  21. i like listening and watching the videos because it helps me play chords on songs on a guitar. 🙂


  22. i love the blog, its a place were i can lurn music i play gutiar and most of the songs that i play i get from the blog they sound great but the best thing about the blog are the vidoies the best one is the one wich has the man that dose the simpsions tune with nosies from his mouth.HA LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. I like watching the videos and looking over my old work
    because I really like music 🙂


  24. I really love this blog and watching clips (especially the simpsons one) I also like listening to myself playing Guitar and also other people. I think mrs Schnieder has put a lot of work and effort into this


  25. I love the blog! It has everything music I want to learn. Sometimes I listen to Tiler’s piano and copy on my keyboard. My wish is that I can have piano lessons.


  26. I like watching the videos on the blog.One of them is when a man did the Simpsons theme tune and made noises with his mouth:)


  27. I love to go on the blog because it inspires me and I like to watch the clip called indian christmas dance


  28. I like going on the blog to post coments, I also love watching videos such as the simsons one, the cartoon vidoes and the musical videos are the best ones.


  29. I like using the blog for going on meet a young musican and seeing there instrements and why they like that instrament.


  30. I like this blog because I can listen to clips that inspires me to play it. For example a guitar.


  31. I like to use the blog for watching videos especially the Year 2 pirates video.


  32. Ilike this blog because when I watch cartoon music videos its very funny. I play the piano lessons at my aunties house and im a beginner. Also, i like our music video .


  33. i like to go on the blog because it is so much to see people from school play new instrments,and in some lessons we use the whiteboard and look at music from the blog and we look at pictures of people from school play.


  34. I like the music blog because i like to look at meet a young musicians and look at the children who know how to play different instruments.


  35. I like to go on the blog because i like to listen to the songs from over countries like the polish chrismas carol.


  36. I use the blog to watch videos of songs I dont know. I also use the blog to listen to other students play their instruments.


  37. I like to listen to the different types of music like the flute and i like watching some of the music videos.


  38. I like the blog because when i look at our young musicians it inspires me to try a instrument.


  39. I like our school blog very much. What i like the most about this site is the fact that you can see what other internet surfers are doing and their comments. Also, i really think that making a school blog was an EXCELLENT idea!


  40. I use the music blog for watiching music videos and also listening to the pupils that are learning instruments in our school. I liked watchingyear 2 in their pirate costumes


  41. I like to go on the blog to listen to melodies and going to the young musicans to see the people in school play instrments that they know how to play.


  42. My favourite part of the blog is the “meet the young musician” because I love hearing other children play instruments.


  43. When I am on the blog i like to look atmeet a young muisician. I want to know why they they picked that instrument. I liked watching Tiler in the other class play the piano.


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