What does music mean to you?

Year 4 have been trying to come up with a definition of what music is. This has proved very tricky!

Could you help us out by sharing your thoughts with us? What does music mean to you? Whatever style of music you like to listen or make we want to hear from you! So parents, school staff, governors, blog visitors and pupils please leave a comment. you might want to share your favourite artists or songs. You might want to tell us how music makes you feel or why it matters to you.

Leave a comment by clicking on reply. Children, remember you just need to use your first name.

19 thoughts on “What does music mean to you?

  1. Great question…
    Music to me is:
    Mood transforming. If I’m feeling glum the right song or composer cheers me up,
    Memories: A song will take me back in time.
    Demanding and unforgiving: When I play music on piano etc, it demands and gets my full concentration, or else it goes wrong.
    Transforming: It changed my life, I would not be a teacher without it.
    A link to the past.


  2. I love that my definition of music is on the blog!!! I’ve never had anything that I made on the blog!!! Thank you Miss.Shcneider!


  3. Music has always been important to me. I can still remember the first record I bought – ‘Summer Loving’ from the film Grease!
    I associate music with special times in my life, sometimes because of the lyrics or the mood of the piece.
    I enjoy using music in assemblies to create an atmosphere or reinforce an important message.

    A world without music would be like a world without colour!


  4. Music to me means having fun and creating lots of different styles of music, it also helps us get together as one!:)


  5. Music to me means mood. Whenever I am down I play some jaunty music and it lifts me up, especially by The Amestoy Trio


  6. Music to me is something very special that has the power to completely alter your mood and take you to another place. It can be really personal, as well as something shared with a group of people.


  7. To me…music is absolutely everything!
    It can lift my mood on a bad day, remind me of a particular people, bring back fond memories of my childhood, school days and great times at university and even provoke certain emotional reactions in people.
    I love how music is a completely universal language and can be shared and enjoyed by all.
    Often, I wonder what ‘my song’ would sound like and think that one day we should all have a go and trying to work it out.

    I have a VERY eclectic taste in music, some of which includes, rock, pop, R&B, classic, house, Jazz and a lots and lots of indie music.

    If I had to suggest a favourite band, I might have to say… possibly ‘Muse’ but I will probably change my mind in the morning 🙂



  8. Music to me means lots and lots of memories – people, places, sights and even smells


  9. To me music is very creative and fun as you can make Rythmns and songs and play different instruments


  10. To me music is everyone meeting and showing how you feel about music and forming a group to show what it means to them


    • Thanks Bobby! You are the first person to get the ball rolling. You are right to say that music can bring us together. Question for you – can you make music on your own?


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