When ICT meets music

IMG_6594IMG_6577IMG_6595I had a great day today working with year 4 & 6 on lyrical flow charts. We have been looking at song structures recently in music lessons as we need to understand the shape and structure of songs before we start writing our own.

Ms Schofield is always keen to get us thinking in a computational way and it turns out it is an incredibly helpful way to think about songs. Using our logic to construct flow charts made us realise how many repetition and loops are used in choruses as opposed to verses. We discovered how the bridge section can weave in and out of the structure of a song.

It was hard work and we were able to judge at the end of it whether our flow charts worked or failed. There was lots of different learning taking place but one thing we ALL agreed on Β – it was hard to make the flow charts look “pretty” whilst we were planning them so some of the children have taken them home to work on before we post them up here on the blog!

Meanwhile here are some year 4 charts and some I did with the class


24 thoughts on “When ICT meets music

  1. Thank you, for teaching us this song.I used to sing this song to my parents.

    you are a good music teacher.I can play a recorder now.


  2. Oh yeah!
    I remember what both the Year 4’s did. And thank you for teaching us that Music is connected to ICT.


  3. Thanks for teaching the song!
    I used to sing that song in the Royal Albert Hall two years ago and needed to remember the melody for the ‘everyone sang’ concert.
    And once again, thank you for teaching me!!! πŸ™‚


  4. Oh I am so impressed! Thanks everyone for sharing and I am looking forward to seeing some more. I am back in school next week and will be talking to Mr Dachtler and Miss McGrath about these and how proud I am of you all πŸ™‚


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