Why did YOU start playing a musical instrument?

I am interested in the reasons why some people decide to play an instrument. Aris in year 3 took up clarinet because of a Charlie and Lola episode, a friend of my became an accomplished french horn player because of a visitor to her school assembly and Lang Lang took up the piano because of Tom and Jerry!

Year 6 know all about Lang Lang because they have been listening to his playing in The Magic Piano. In the clip below he explains why he started playing the piano and you can watch the Tom & Jerry cartoon that inspired him

I would really like to know what inspired you to take up an instrument. Can you leave me a comment below.

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  1. I began playing a piano when I was 4 because my dad encouraged me to be creative and imaginative. I think I am an expert/specialist now, After all that 6 years of practice.I love playing the piano because you don’t only have tunes to play/learn, you can make your own tunes!


    • Would you like to play me one of the tunes you have composed and we can put it up on the blog for others to listen to?


    • Oh I hope he does because I have never, ever, seen Jefferey play an instrument but now is my chance to!


  2. Me and Christine have been playing the keyboard and been learning the different notes and i have also been playing the guitar and been doing lessons every Wednesday!


  3. I love playing the guitar I am not very good because I have only just started learning but it is very fun.


    • Please could you teach me one day Abby, because I feel such urge for playing the guitar like one time, I kept on plucking the strings on my tennis racket, imagining it as a guitar! Silly me!


  4. I have never had lessons on how to play an instrument ,but i have tried playing some instruments but im not very sussesful so i would like to get lessons on different instruments so everyone can learn a musical instrument.


  5. Mrs Scheneider i would like to know if you know where I could learn the guiter and the piano?


    • I know! Loads of people sign up to do music lessons In Sutton Music centre. That’s where I play violin!


  6. I play the violin and how I started was that my mother encouraged me to. I then started to think it was a good idea, so, by that time on, I started to go violin lessons every Wednesday and now, I am doing grade 2 in violin!


  7. I started playing guitar at the age of 8 and I have private lessons every wednesday. It takes lots of courage and encouragment to carry on but it is a great skill.


  8. I think it is amazing how every one is trying at least to play an instrument even if they do not have a tutor or any one to teach them. I think it is only because we have a fantastic music teacher how inspires us to engage our brains with music I am so happy we have a fantastic music teacher like mrs Schneider she is able to help us if stuff go wrong much as well if stuff go good and she tries to push our brains a little bit further this is the reason people will try to play instruments that they have never played before and that is why I am happy to have mrs Schneider as a music teacher and would have never picked anyone more helpful and more of a better musician than her.


  9. Hello! This is a fab conversation…

    I started piano when my parents encouraged me to take it up aged 7. Now, almost 20 years later – I’m playing the piano and keyboards professionally around the country and teach others too. The reasons I kept learning, even when it was hard work were a combination of:

    1) Encouragement from my family and piano teacher (people to help me)
    2) An older brother who was better than me (someone to push me)
    3) Music constantly going on at home (creating a musical lifestyle, even away from the piano)
    4) Going to live concerts and gigs (so inspiring!)
    5) Starting to play with others in groups and bands (I set up my first band when I was in year 6).

    Keep up the work and you’ll be massively rewarded!

    Phil (from Be Creative)


    • Thanks Phil for taking the time to leave a comment. I am sure it will encourage our young musicians to keep going! I was especially interested to read that you set up your first band when you were in year 6. I wonder if we have any young musicians looking to play with others?


  10. I really like the film the magic piano because its very peaceful and slow moving. I like the part when anna dances at the start and when she drops the doll and when the freerunner in paris


  11. I started playing my guitar when I was 7 or 8 because i ws inspired by Taylor Swift and I also used to watch shows and I always saw people playing the guitar so I decided that I would try it. I started playing my saxaphone because i got inspired by my dad that played it to me when i was still a baby. I don’t really know how to play the piano but I listen to songs by ear and teach it myself. I can play a few songs on it.


  12. I started to play guitar because I really liked Taylor Swift and she played guitar so that is why I took it up.


  13. I tried a few things – recorder, singing, violin and piano. These turned out to be blind alleys, but I knew I wanted to play something. Then one day, a friend lent me his guitar -and it just felt ‘right’!
    But trying those other things was not a waste of time. They all helped in different ways to make be a better guitar player.
    So try lots of things out – you will KNOW when you have found the right one for you…..


  14. I played the clarinet because I thought not so many people play it or new it.And I still think It might inspire people one day to pick up an instrument and start playing.Not only am I doing it for people to inspired I am doing it so one day I could start playing in the orchestra or maybe play in a rich restaurant.Thanks I hope you are inspired by all the young and old musician out there.


    • Emmanuella I would love to interview you about your clarinet playing and put up an audio clip. Have you got a piece you would like to play for me?


    • I will play a nursery ryhme (twinkle twinkle little star)
      Or a classic (pirates of the carribean)


  15. I started playing piano because my dad played a song from pinocchio , and i then wanted to start playing.


  16. I play the guitar and I have only just started to play my friend Holly has helped me.


    • Really! I never knew you played the guitar.!


    • I never knew you could play the guitar I would love to see you play one day! How long have you been playing the guitar?


  17. I started playing the piano when I was in year 2 .In the beggining I had to do spellings which I did not like.


  18. I started playing my guitar when I was 3 years old and I go to concerts and now im in grade 1…….


  19. At the moment im in year4 and im inchrestid in guitar so can some one tach me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you


  20. Well i hope they do and good luck with playing the piano, good luck withyour girls and especially with your musical piano


  21. I am going to start playing piano this saturday.
    I do know few tunes on the piano I think I will get it soon.


    • that is what happened to me when i was playing the guitar



  22. I started playing piano… probably about 7 years old. My Dad taught himself to play and had a few lessons. He really likes rock and as soon as I recieved a first-how-to-play-piano book I was straight onto nursery rhymes! Now I’m Grade 1 in piano lessons, aged 9.


  23. This blog is awesome because you get to blog to people or your friends.my favorite bit is that you get to listen to people playing the instruments.loads of people can listen to laods of music or some videos.my instrument is a guitar and i can nearly do all the chords of it but im not good than my dad


  24. I think it’s great you played those instruments.
    Keep it up!!! I play Guitar as an instrument.


  25. me and marie are starting piano lessons so we can the notes and play different pieces of music.


  26. Hey you guys. I started playing the piano when I was about six but I didn’t enjoy it very much because there was no-one to talk to when I was practising. I think some people are ok with that, but I didn’t like it much because even my family who helped me practise couldn’t really join in. When I was 9 I got the chance to join a music school and try some new instruments. I chose trumpet and percussion. The main reasons were:

    1. They are both VERY VERY LOUD
    2. No other girls in my area played either, and I wanted to prove it was possible!

    I had an amazing time playing both trumpet and percussion, but in the end I decided to focus on my trumpet playing. When I was 14 I joined my local youth orchestra which meant making LOADS of new friends and doing fun stuff like playing in big concerts and going on tour to foreign countries.

    I’m 27 now and though I don’t play my trumpet very often now, I’m still friends with a lot of the people who used to be in my orchestra. Some of them don’t play their instruments ever, and some of them are professional musicians! We are all very pleased that we started though because it made our lives interesting in lots of different ways.


    • Thanks for the advice Christina.
      What an incresting life of music.


  27. I thought girls would like me if I played the piano and sang pop songs. I was right.


    • I have done that before but it didnt work out as much as I excpected
      LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way nice name David Price ( But it is not as good as mine thats for sure)


  28. Hello St. Theresa’s, I have played violin since year 4. We began recorder in year 4 and I got ahead with the books at home, because they made it easy to teach yourself. I was in love with the flute but when we were asked if we wanted to try out for violin lessons, I didn’t even think about the flute, I was so excited to have the chance. I think they offered wind in the next year. It helped to be able to read music from recorder. Nowadays I still play in a local amateur orchestra as a hobby and I really enjoy it. I was so lucky to get music service lessons at school but if I could go back in time I would definitely practice more! Enjoy your music.


    • Have you ever thought of changing your instrument for another?


    • Did you think you would blow the chance of trying out and it would go wrong? Were you nervous?


  29. Hey, I play the flute and have done for almost 15 years, kinda out of practice but still pick it up every now and again. In year 6 myself and a friend were put forward to play the tuba, however she got it due to the shape of her mouth or something and I was very upset i didn’t get it. In year 8 at high school we were trying out classical instruments in a music lesson, I volunteered to have a blow down the flute and discovered I could jist naturally do it. Not long after I was having regular lessons, had my own flute and was competing in festivals. I think it boiled down to jealousy and a passion for music really. I’m still really into my music and if I could afford it would be proficient in saxophone, piano and guitar by now! Hope this helps


    • have you ever thought of giving up while you were practicing?!?!?!


    • I have always wanted to play piano but when I was 2 I always wanted to play guitar and that is what I did


  30. What a great question!

    Both my parents played musical instruments, my dad in several bands. I started playing recorder at infant school, it was just something I did.
    For me, the question isn’t why did I start, but why did I keep going. I took piano lessons and then started playing the guitar I think, more than anything else, because I saw people on the TV playing songs that I liked, and really wanted to be like that! I stuck with the guitar, because I wanted to be able to play along with songs that my Day played, especially a pieced called ‘Anji’ which was written by Davie Graham, but we had a record of the Paul Simon version – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DboCBmjuBxg I can play most of it now, but still not as well as my Dad!


  31. Hello St Teresa! I began my music career early on aged just 7! It started with the recorder, soon moved on to the saxaphone and have finally settled on drums! I’ve persevered with drums because I joined a band with my friends and have great fun imagining I am like Dave Grohl out of the Foo Fighters!
    My tip: Pick an instrument YOU love and stick with it – practice makes perfect!


    • That is great! Well done!
      I play Guitar a little better than my mum for an instrument.


    • Good to hear Juliana. I hope you’ve formed a band? I find it most enjoyable when playing with others/showing off a little! 🙂


  32. My parents enrolled me in piano when I was 3. Through the years, I faced some tough times, times that I wanted to quit, times that I didn’t want to practice. But my mom kept encouraging me to stay in it, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.


  33. Great blog: always interesting to hear what prompted people to take up their instruments! In my case I grew up in a working class family in south London. We didn’t have money for lavish entertainment or days out. But we did have a piano, the odd guitar and an accordion. So, at weekends, family and friends would come round and everyone would sing or play something. My father and grandfather both played their favourite pop songs (of the 1930s-60s) in stride piano style and always with such feeling and conviction. I remember one Saturday evening, at the age of about 4, being finally sent up to bed and listening to the strains of everyone singing and playing downstairs. I thought to myself: I want to be able to do that one day. And I managed to get lessons, practised regularly and did!


    • Thanks, for the advice Bill we will try to be a lot like you and do the same thing.


    • Thanks for the good advice Bill we’lltry to do the same.


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