Why we owe Mrs Schofield a big thank you!

Today is Mrs Schofields last day at St Teresa’s. I am extremely grateful to Mrs Schofield because she has helped me so much with this blog. If it wasn’t for Mrs Schofield we would not even have this school music blog! She helped me set it up and has done lots of research on developing an e safety policy which keeps us all safe. She has done lots and lots of reading and has contacted some top experts on school ICT in order for us to get the most from the internet. When ever I have been stuck or needed advice Mrs Schofield has been there to help me out! I am sure that many of your teachers can think of times that Mrs Schofield has helped them out too!

Luckily for the children and teachers of Merton Mrs Schofield is going to be working to develop a new ICT curriculum so I am sure that we will continue to benefit from Mrs Schofield’s expertise even when she isn’t here.

Thank you Mrs Schofield. You have been a real inspiration and an excellent teacher. I have learnt so much from working with you. I look forward to reading your thoughts on developing an ICT curriculum fit for purpose.

2 thoughts on “Why we owe Mrs Schofield a big thank you!

  1. Oh Mrs Schneider, you are too kind (as I am sure all the children will agree). It has been a pleasure working with the children and staff at St Teresa’s and I am leaving them in the capable ICT hands of yourself and Miss McGrath. I think ICT at St Teresa’s is fantastic and will get better and better. I will be reading the blog to check and popping in to see you all as I will miss you!
    Congratulations to the Head Girls and Boys, they have been well-chosen and I know they will work very hard on everyone’s behalf.


  2. I am very sad to lose Mrs. Schofield from St. Teresa’s but I am very grateful to her because there are so many things that happen at school because of her. The pupils at St. Teresa’s have really enjoyed doing programming, particularly using Scratch, and it was Mrs. Schofield that introduced us to Scratch in the first place. She has made sure that any problems with computers are fixed very quickly and all the teachers have really appreciated this. She has shared so many good ideas with teachers to help make ICT lessons better. ICT has improved in school over the last few years and much of this is down to her so THANK YOU and good luck!


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