Wider Opportunities for year 4

The videos above show Merton Music Foundation youth bands on tour this summer in Germany.

We want every child at St Teresa’s to have the same opportunities. The ability to play a musical instrument is a remarkable gift that can unlock so many doors.

In year 3 each child will get the chance to learn an instrument with a specialist music tutor in small groups of 10. They will get tuition on a different musical instrument each term. The school will cover the costs.

This is a fantastic opportunity and a very exciting project. This model has been developed by some very successful schools. We are the first school in Merton to adopt.

We hope it will act as a springboard in helping every child purse their own musical journey. Once the project finishes the children will be able to continue their learning in small groups either at the school or at MMF (who are now based at Harris Merton)

You will get further details shortly confirming details. If you have any questions please contact me via the school office or leave comments below.

Mrs Schneider

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