Win tickets for Wimbledon Live!

Wimbledon Live

There are some special concerts taking place in Wimbledon Park this summer. Merton Music Foundation have 1 family ticket, worth £90 to give away. if you would like to enter you must draw a picture of “Music in the Park” and write your name and class on the back. Good luck!

Have a look at the website here for more details about the concerts

11 thoughts on “Win tickets for Wimbledon Live!

  1. The Wimbledon park looks very fun and i hope that someone from our year group gets the ticket good luck everyone!!!!!


  2. the Wimbledon park looks cool and i hope that someone could get realy lucky by getting the ticket.


  3. Wimbledon Park is a really cool place to play around and to do all sorts of things. our year group (Year Five) has a big chance to go to it buy drawing music in the park. I hope most of us will go and have a good time Good Luck EVERYONE!!!!




    • Christian its going off the page youre comment is really long


    • Christian, Aayan is right it is sooo going off the page!


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