Winning year 6 songs 2017

Year 6 have been learning about songwriting. They spent the summer term composing their own songs. This is not easy! It took lots of hard work and determination. we picked some of the best songs to professionally record.

And the winners are ….

Huge thank you to Mr Williams for acting as our session musician, John and Bill at Crown Lane Studios who were completely AWESOME and to Mr Dachtler for making this incredible project possible.

27 thoughts on “Winning year 6 songs 2017

  1. Long time since seing these theyre very good and 2 years ago they surely helped me go on to high school postitive and proud of myself


  2. i remember me creating one a year ago now miss primary school they were all amazing


  3. Yvette Stanley, Director of Children, Schools & Families, Merton on said:

    Wow again! Thank you for sharing these amazing songs. Mr Dachtler & Mrs Schneider must be exceptionally proud of you. We are very lucky in Merton to have such talented young people and amazingteachers who help them share their talents.

    Ver best wishes for your transition to secondary school and for a lovely summer.


  4. Mrs Schneider let me hear some snatches of these songs, on her mobile, yesterday, which I enjoyed so have hunted them down on your school website to listen to them all the way through. I am bowled over by the creativity in these compositions and by the lovely voices. No doubt the students in the lower years will enjoy listening to these and remembering you all.

    Enjoy your new schools. Each and every one of you is a star!


  5. I like the song overcome, because it refereres to casting away your fears when going to high school.


  6. WOW!
    Such talent…
    Such potential..
    Well done, I bet you will all be song writers when you grow up, or musicians.
    When I leave and go to high school I will surely have ‘ Joy in our heart’..


  7. I liked the music it was quite emotional and some of them made me cry


  8. I would like to say thank you to all the teachers especially Mrs Schneider for making this possible,it was an amazing experience and I loved working with Olivia.I loved all songs but my favourite must be:So Here We Go.

    Once again thank you for
    making this possible.


  9. Absolutely fantastic – loved all the songs- even brought a tear to my eyes! It reminded me of you singing iin year 4 x
    Well done to you all and good luck in your new schools x


  10. I loved the variety of the songs. They are all inspirational and written in such a heartfelt way.

    The High schools that you are going to are lucky to be getting such talented songwriters and performers. Keep going with it – you are all stars!!

    I played the songs to the school Governors who could not believe that it was you! A great way to start a meeting – everyone was smiling 🙂

    Thank you to John, Mrs Schneider and all at Crown Lane!


  11. Y6, you completely amaze me with your many talents and incredible hard work. Composition work is extremely challenging even for the best of musical artists hence the reason why so many hire “ghost writers”. The songs were well-written lyrically and I love the fact that you took your transition from primary to secondary as your theme and inspiration. The rhythms, harmonies and melodies were exceptional showing great song writing skills.

    Good luck for the future for which you are well-prepared and hope to see or hear that many of continue to pursue your musical abilities or dreams. Keep smiling, Keep SINGING!!


  12. Thank you so much for all the teachers who helped us and I really appreciate the hard work they showed towards the project. Also I really enjoyed writing and working with Nikola it was great. In addition, I personally think that all the songs but honestly I think ‘Be Free’ stood out to me the most.

    Once again
    THANK YOU !!!


  13. What great songs! You are a talented bunch, that’s for sure. I hope you will all search out the music department at your new High schools and make sure the teachers know who you are and what you can do. Good luck and don’t stop the music!


  14. An absolute pleasure having you all at the studio. As with any school project –
    there are so many variables and so many risks! Thank you for taking the risk – and what great outcomes…


  15. Really impressed with the songs. Well done everyone. My foot kept tapping the whole way through.


  16. The standard of composition and performance of these songs is incredible. Such creative work. Reflecting on your times a primary school and moving onto to secondary school is a great topic and you all cover it in different ways. You should be proud of your work and continue to compose and perform when you get to your new schools. All the best and thank you for sharing these.

    Philip Flood
    Sound Connections


  17. ‘Going to High school’

    Fascinating use of musical ideas: short musical phrases building to the chorus. And such strong rounded voices. The song deserves to be listened to lots.


  18. Congratulations to you all for your wonderful songs. Not just composing them but performing them too.

    The lyrics for all the songs celebrate and reflect on your time at primary school, the experiences you’ve had and the good friendships you’ve made. And then looking ahead to the next stage in your life’s at secondary school.

    Thank-you for sharing them with us. You should rightly feel very proud. And a big thanks to your fab teachers too and to everyone who made this project possible.

    All the very best to you all.

    Matt Griffiths
    Youth Music


  19. Well done St Teresa’s pupils on all of your hard work, these are some fantastically written songs. Best of luck to all those moving on to Secondary school in September


  20. Well done St Teresa’s on all of your hard work, these are some fantastically written songs. Best of luck to all those moving on to Secondary school in September


  21. I was genuinely blown away by the quality of the songwriting in all seven songs. They are all so different and seem to capture the personalities of each of you. I have been writing songs for many years and would be proud to have written any of these. I hope you keep writing and performing! It’s so important for young people to be heard – and to be listened to.

    Going To High School
    Very catchy! I love the rhymes you have used in the verses. A lot of fun – it’s a hit!

    Be Prepared
    A beautiful melody and thoughtful lyrics. You have captured the mood of the song wonderfully. Very moving.

    Be Free
    I love the energy and rhythms of your song. This line made me smile…“We say we can make it and we did, it was legit, legit!”. Great stuff!!

    What a wonderful performance of a beautiful song. The two voices singing different parts really drew focus on the heart-felt lyrics. Lovely melody writing.

    Joy In Our Hearts
    Beautiful, clear singing with lots of energy. I love the way the words in the verse roll along rhythmically and contrast with the lovely melody of the chorus…”and we live with joy in our hearts…”.

    They Told Us
    Wow! Very mature songwriting, especially the use of rhythm in the lyrics. I love the way the ‘la-la‘ chorus creates a different mood to the rest of the song. Congratulations!

    So Here We Go
    You have delivered the positive message of your song with fantastic energy! Not an easy thing to do with just singing and no instruments – well done. It would be a great song to move to.


  22. Wow! St Teresa’s children – these are fabulous. What a wonderful variety of rhythms and tunes and such lovely voices! Mr Dachtler & Mrs Schneider must be exceptionally proud of you. I wish you all much success and happiness at this very exciting time in your lives – work hard and be true and kind to yourselves and each other and remember to keep singing 🙂


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